• The End of Dr. Huxtable

    This photo here has traveled with me from one apartment to the next finally settling in my office and then my workspace in my home. ...

Adele Sends Music Royalty into a Snit

So, apparently Adele declined to be part of Sir Bob Geldof’s Band Aid 30 Ebola Charity single recording and he’s in a bit of a snit about it. The song, a 30th-anniversary adaptation of the song, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was produced to raise money for the Ebola crisis in West Africa, much in […]

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Should Women Have Babies?

Don’t wait! Have babies early, before it’s too late. Wait, don’t have babies when you’re young and jeopardize your career. Not sure when you’ll be ready? Freeze your eggs and have babies when you’re all set. If it comes to that, you can always use a surrogate mother. No dad available? There’s always artificial insemination. […]

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To the Market: A Survivor’s Story

  Jane Mosbacher Morris is taking the world by storm. Even as I write that sentence about her I realize how little credit it gives to this entrepreneur who has successfully launched To The Market, an endeavor she has undertaken to impact the lives of survivors. While that’s a noble goal, she has a laser-like focus […]

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Maybe Time Magazine Just Wants to Ban Bossy Feminists

  This year we lived through a campaign to “ban bossy.” Now, TIME Magazine is contributing to the word-banning bandwagon by suggesting a variety of words, and things that are sort of words, including the word “feminist.” I get that some people perceive the word “bossy” as pejorative. And there’s no need to explain why […]

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Catcall: A Play in One Act

Scene: A city street. A woman walks along. A shout from a male voice. The woman’s heart begins to race and her neck and face flush. Her shoulders tighten and her palms sweat. Her pace quickens involuntarily and her eyes dart to find the source of the shout. Voice-over of woman’s thoughts: Shit. Is he […]

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Is Jill Abramson Right? Is it Harder to Retain Women Journalists of Color Than to Recruit Them?

  When it comes to newsroom diversity, the problem isn’t just recruiting women journalists of color, it’s hanging onto them, said Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times. “Promoting women of color has always been important to me. But promotion also has a retention challenge,” Abramson said recently at the Journalism & […]

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“Godmothers for Self Defense”: There’s Nothing Wrong with Women & Girls Knowing How to Protect Themselves

When the topic of violence against women is discussed, many feminists contend that we should be more focused on getting men to behave differently than with teaching women and girls self-defense techniques. One of the most recent examples of this was when Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014, was blasted by certain feminist writers because when […]

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Five Ways the 2014 Elections Are Bad for Hillary Clinton

The mid-term 2014 post-mortems are in full swing. The analyses range from those who believe the Democrats are dead/long live the Republicans to those who see a GOP-run Congress and possible Republican effort to impeach President Obama as the gateway to a Hillary Clinton White House. Thinking that the outcome of Election Night 2014 is […]

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Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Lena Dunham, creator of the TV show “Girls” and best-selling memoirist, is like a yard sale: someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure and whether you consider her one or the other, the Internet-at-large wants to slap on a coat of teal paint and repurpose her body/words/work into whatever micro-personal agenda is particularly fancy that […]

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Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Goes Solid Red: What Does That Mean For Hillary 2016?

Bill Clinton’s Arkansas bled red election night. The last Southern state to fall completely under Republican control, Arkansas – for the first time in its modern history – has an entire GOP congressional delegation, two Senate seats, both statehouse chambers and all state offices including governor and lieutenant governor. This sweep happened in spite of […]

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How Many Women Won’t Be Allowed to Vote?

If Angelina Jolie hasn’t changed her voter registration and driver’s license, Mrs. Brad Pitt might not be able to cast a ballot in this year’s mid-term election. That’s not how I want to be like Angelina. But if you live in a state that requires only certain kinds of photo ID in order to vote […]

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