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Women, Get Yourselves to the Voting Booth!

Dear Women Voters: It’s our time, ladies! A midterm election looms, and the focus is on us! Politicians and pundits alike know that there’s no crossing the electoral finish line without women voters in their corner. But are the candidates seeking to represent us talking about the issues we care about? The media have reported […]

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TBS Must-Reads of the Week: NRA Hates Gun Safety Moms, Is Marissa Mayer on the Way Out, and Even Strong Women are Domestic Abuse Victims

Too much to keep up with on the internetz these days?  Don’t worry — The Broad Side‘s got you covered. We cull through the news each week, and bring you a few stories you might have missed, but definitely want to know about. So here are this week’s “must-reads”: The woman who founded Moms Demand […]

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Hillary Watch: Better Decision Maker Than Bill, Flying Monkeys and Will She Block Monica Lewinsky on Twitter?

Hillary Clinton is traveling the country, campaigning for a variety of Democrats as we head into the last weeks of mid-term election 2014. Surely she’s collecting chits for 2016. But what else is going on in the world of Hillary Watch? One recent study says women are better decision makers under stressful conditions.  Hillary might […]

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Is the White House Going “Orwellian” with the American Press?

It was a private meeting. Only certain writers were invited to meet with President Obama a few hours before he gave a live speech to the nation on September 10 about the global threat from ISIS. According to the Huffington Post there were 15 “columnists and magazine writers” in attendance at this exclusive, invite-only gathering. A private […]

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Further Thoughts on “Sparkle Science”

On Monday, I threw in my two cents on the “Sparkle Science” debate via an op-ed published by USA TODAY. Overall I’ve received positive feedback and more “thank you’s!” than I expected. But in the midst of writing on deadline, I missed a few things, but I want to address the only push-back I’ve read…so […]

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American Girls’ Journey “Home” in Rural China

Touching Home in China: in search of missing girlhoods is a transmedia iBook in the making. When published in September 2015, a mesh of video and interactive maps, photo galleries and informational graphics and narrative text will tell its first-of-its kind story. It’s about teen adoptees from America going back to their rural “home” towns […]

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Dances with Trolls, Twitter Style

So. I like to tweet a lot. When something is pressing on my mind and I don’t have the time or concentration to compose a full blog post (which is nearly aways these days), I go on Twitter and fire off a few 140-character mini-monologues. Often I tweet about issues related to gun safety and […]

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Biille Jean King

Billie Jean King Still Serving Up Aces

At the 29th annual Chicago Foundation for Women luncheon, tennis legend Billie Jean King recalled being a 12-year-old girl and realizing that everything about tennis was white. Her shoes, her clothes, and even the people playing it. “This has to change,” she thought. The previous year, King had declared at a family dinner that she […]

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When Do Anti-Semites Become a Threat?

So, last week, my friend wrote a tribute to Joan Rivers on her blog, and someone called her a “Kike.” Then a beautiful thing happened. What beautiful could possibly come of this? Did my friend delete his* hateful remark? No. She left it up for anyone to see. Did friends of hers and strangers alike pile on […]

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