Class, Feminism and Miss USA Nia Sanchez

Recently Nia Sanchez, a Nevada resident, won the title of Miss USA 2014 and her response to the famous “final question” inspired a feminist critique that revealed the contentious historical issue of class in feminism. Jennifer Lee had a chance to talk with Sanchez for The Broad Side about her response. My advice to feminists […]

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It’s Time to Stop Answering the “Balance” Questions

It’s becoming routine. Another media figure has asked another high-profile woman that question that no man is ever asked. Can you balance the demands of your career with being a good mother? The latest is Matt Lauer claiming to want to “tread lightly” with Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors. Clearly he knows these questions […]

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Ode to Princess Leia: The Sassy Soul of “Star Wars”

In the summer of 1977 on the corner of East 10th and Ashley Streets in Pine Bluff, Ark., I was Princess Leia. “Star Wars” premiered that summer, and a whole generation of kids became members of the Rebel Alliance in their minds and backyards. At least the boys did. The girls in my neighborhood preferred […]

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Can Hillary Clinton Win Without Maggie Williams?

Hillary Clinton and her about-to-be-released book, “Hard Choices”, are all the buzz in the news world this week.  What does her book say?  Will she dish dirt on President Obama? (Not likely) Does she harbor any bad feelings toward Mark Penn? (I still do). I haven’t read “Hard Choices” yet, but according to the advance […]

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Hillary Talk: Our New Tumblr!

With Hillary Clinton’s latest memoir about to hit the shelves, some high profile TV interviews scheduled and a pretty nice cover or People Magazine, we think Hillary’s “will she or won’t she” answer is on the horizon. While we want to write about more than just “Hillaryland” here at The Broad Side, we do want […]

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Does Bill Clinton Hold The Key to a Hillary Presidency?

Hillary Clinton’s husband — a.k.a Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States – returned to his old political stomping grounds on Tuesday night. At his silvery presidential library in Little Rock, Clinton addressed the 2014 President Sites and Libraries Conference, a national conference held every four years for historians and archivists who work […]

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Maya Angelou: Many Clouds, But Many Rainbows

With the passing of Maya Angelou this week, it’s hard to know where to start in describing the gifts she’s given us. So many people have already written about her contributions to women’s activism, to literature and to inspiring so many women over the decades. Not long ago, Angelou herself talked about how she found […]

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We’re Not “Post-Racial” Yet

The ugliness of where we are when it comes to racism in America has been on full display in the news with the tales of Donald Sterling, the recently ousted general manager of the Los Angeles Clippers. Journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault, formerly with PBS, says the long-tolerated behavior of Sterling (such as telling his girlfriend that […]

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