An Open Letter to Mitt Romney From a Mormon Mom

Dear Mr. Romney,

Before I even dip into my letter, I would like to explain to you that it is Tuesday, I have a house full of miserable children with colds, and they have passed along their gift of golden snot and stuffed noses to me.

That being said, you have officially pissed me the fuck off. I used to think I liked you. Mormon, extremely liberal for a Republican, oh… and you were one of the most pro-choice politicians out there. To the point that NARAL even backed you in your Governorship in Massachusetts. To me, that is a pretty damn big deal.

But, it seems like the Republican party has made a big mistake. Maybe an even bigger mistake than bringing out the secret weapon Sarah Palin in 2008.

They picked you. They nominated you as the Republican candidate for President and since the Republican National Convention you have done nothing but put your foot in your own mouth. Whether it was about taxes, your opponent President Obama, or foreign affairs. If we are really being honest here, you disgusted me when you used the death of Americans in Libya as a springboard for your campaign. Which clearly backfired.

But this week took the cake. I wasn’t really offended till I heard your video about all those who voted or will vote for Obama. Now, let me tell you a little something about my family. We are a two parent household. Both of us work. Both of us pay taxes (in large amounts I may add!) and we both bust our asses for everything we have. We do not take any government hand outs. We do not feel as though we are “entitled” to anything. We work hard, and we voted democrat. Even my husband who served in our military and fought for his country.

Heck, I even campaigned for Obama in 2008. Went to the local high school and helped register high school seniors who would be 18 by November to vote. I was dedicated, and I still am. Why?

Because we are better off than we were four years ago. Before Obama took office, my husband lost his job. UNDER BUSH. The economy collapsed, and so did the industry he worked in. He busted his ass looking for a job, most of which he was told he was overqualified for during the almost full year he was laid off. I went back to work outside the home, despite the fact that I was pregnant. We made it work no matter what we had to do.

Like most people do. During the term of President Obama, he finally not only found a job, but excelled and is now a supervisor. We have a steady household. We ARE better off than we were four years ago, as are most hard working Americans.

47%. The 47% that will vote for President Obama are hard working, tax paying citizens who cannot relate to your lack of concern for the poor, or the families impacted by the economy. The same economy people like you with your off shore bank accounts and tax dodging helped kill.

When I think about the President, I think of someone who is concerned with every American citizen, not just those who will vote for him, or don’t take any kind of government assistance. The citizens who are elderly and worked their entire lives for their benefits, or the US military members who served to earn those benefits.

I am not sure why you decided to run for President, but it is clear from your remarks about the poor and middle class, that you are not the right man for the job.

Signed, Mormon Mother of Three in Connecticut. -Danielle

Danielle A. Elwood is a parenting blogger who started writing in 2008 after the birth of her first child. Through four years and three children, Danielle expanded her website to include her liberal political opinions and pro-choice background. Danielle writes her self titled site and is a freelance parenting blogger for
  • Monica

    What a shame that this “Mormon” mother of 3 doesn’t understand what was really trying to be said. We saw bits and pieces of a video which was secretly recorded. I wonder how this woman would feel if only bits and pieces of her words were shared with the world and then people were judging her on them. Want to hear what the Americans who are truly a part of the 47% Romney was talking about think? The ones who are in fact working their butts off and still on assistance? The ones who don’t want their hand held and want to be off of all government assistance? Then read this:

  • Joanne Bamberger

    The full tape doesn’t do Romney any favors. While initially only “clips” of the whole speech were aired, the portions that were shown were not out of context. I’m not sure how you can put those remarks in any sort of good context. But here is the full transcript –

    Romney’s disdain for people not like him was clear. And as my friend Connie Schultz has pointed out, I wonder how the wait staff working that event felt about being essentially called lazy freeloaders?

    • Monica

      This open letter was originally written a day before these transcripts came out so without all of the “facts” so to speak. And do you honestly think that any other politician in a room full of rich people that they are trying to get money from to support their campaign is not going to tell them what they want to hear? Do you think if he went into a private event with the lower class he would not start throwing around terms which would be offensive to the rich? Of course not, he’s trying to win a campaign here.

      I will tell you I want to get out of this place where I need government aide to just barely get by. In my state, the cash assistance program which people are only supposed to be allowed on for 21 months in their life and they are supposed to be taking a jobs class the class isn’t even being offered anymore because they don’t have the funds for it. So after 21 months they are off the program no better off than when they got on it. So how is that helping people? I know people in my state who just keep getting extension after extension on unemployment without having to show any proof that they have been searching for a job. 4 years receiving unemployment benefits seems a little excessive, don’t you think? Maybe something needs to change. Maybe Romney understands that. I wonder what sort of remarks we would hear from Obama if we were privy to his schmoozing of the rich?

      • Joanne Bamberger

        Monica, I expect any politician I give my support to, monetary or otherwise, to be respectful of all Americans, Romney is anything but that. It is one thing to recite a message of personal responsibility, but it is quite another to express such disdain for half of Americans and suggest that people who receive help from the government are just lazy moochers.

        As for “government help,” that’s exactly what Romney’s billionaire supporters get in the form of tax breaks that allows them to keep their money in their pockets, rather than helping to pay for the things that allow them to be rich — the infrastructure the country provides to allow for their businesses.

        Clearly, neither I nor the author are going to convince you. But to suggest that Romney was just telling the audience what they wanted to hear — and not revving them up at the expense of the people he wants to govern — just isn’t true. This isn’t about being rich. This is about being without empathy and acting like it’s OK to mock those who aren’t like Romney.

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