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Celebrate a Century of Sunlight

Lights play an important role in most winter holidays. Celebrants burn Yule logs, place stars atop trees and light candles to hold back the darkness during these longest nights. Perhaps, then, it was no coincidence that a century of “sunlight” was born at this time of year. On December 20, 1931, Harper’s Weekly published “What […]

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Even Anti-tax Republicans Like Welfare

Political analysts continue to dissect Tuesday’s election results, and there are plenty of interesting threads to tease out. What does New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s dominant win portend for his viability as the GOP presidential nominee in 2016? How would he fare against Hillary Clinton if she were to win the Democratic nomination? In Virginia, […]

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Senate Chaplain Shouldn’t Mix Prayer and Politics

Senate Chaplain Barry Black is winning praise for taking a “bold” daily stand in which he “scolds” senators during the federal government shutdown. He is the “rock star of the government shutdown” in the eyes of Liz Henry, another writer here at The Broad Side. His insights and criticisms might be mostly correct, but he […]

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Conservative Welfare Disguised as a Child Tax Credit

Utah Senator Mike Lee proposes revamping the federal tax code in a way only conservatives could love. His “Family Fairness and Opportunity Tax Reform Act” would not actually fix the nation’s financial woes, but it does successfully blend failed conservative pipe-dreams and pandering in a way that is sure to appeal to the base. It […]

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The Race To Watch Is Virginia Governor

With all the talk about Hillary Clinton possibly running for president and the potential Republican challengers, it is easy to forget that the next presidential election is still more than three years off. The interesting politics right now are in Virginia. And the most interesting race features Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli vying for governor, […]

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Close the Bicycle Gender Gap

Women don’t ride bikes. That’s the sad findings is a recently released reported titled “Women on a Roll” by The League of American Bicyclists. The Washington-based organization compiled data about women bicyclists from dozens of sources and found a gender gap on two wheels. In 2009, only a quarter of American bike commuters were women. […]

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Creationism Doesn’t Work with Journalism

Journalist Virginia Heffernan displayed incredible courage coming out as a creationist. Well, incredible courage and incredible foolishness. Heffernan has had a successful career in her chosen field. She has written for The New York Times and the website Slate in the past. Currently Yahoo! News features her work, where she mostly writes about technology. Last […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Problem is Dynasty, Not Age

Hillary Clinton is old. Thank you, Republicans, for reminding us that one of America’s senior stateswomen — a former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady — is in fact a senior. But there is a much better reason not to jump on the “Clinton 2016” bandwagon. She has not even declared she is running, […]

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