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Women’s Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day! A few weeks ago, I was wandering around pinterest, and I found this Infographic. Knowing Women’s Equality Day was coming up, I held on to it, because I think all of the information it contains is really telling, as well as important to women this day in age. Jennifer Lee also […]

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Violence Against Women: Statistics You Should Know

Violence against woman is a serious issue. Not just in America, but all around the world. When I came across this infographic last week, I knew it was something important enough to share with the readers here on The Broad Side. I believe once we start to address these statistics and bring more mainstream attention […]

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Let’s Talk Abortion in America

When we think of abortion in America, there is a certain negative stereotypical stigma that is associated with the medical procedure. But the problem is, often those are not only inaccurate, but completely unfounded. So, I decided to put together a post with quite a few infographs breaking down who exactly is having abortions in […]

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4 Reasons Rick Perry is Out of Touch with Texas Women

If there is one thing this week has taught us, it’s that Texas Governor Rick Perry is completely out of touch with the women of his very own state. Tuesday night, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat, stood for thirteen hours during a filibuster against Senate Bill 5 which would have seriously impacted women’s […]

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See the Good in a Sea of Bad

Saturday morning I woke up, made a cup of coffee and sat down on the computer waiting for my children to wake up. I started scrolling thru pictures on my Instagram account and came across the one to the left. In fact the more I scrolled thru, the more pictures I saw of the same […]

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The Case for Better Parental Leave in America

If there is one thing most American parents can agree on, it is the desperate need for change when it comes to the maternity leave system in our country. When compared to many other nations around the world, we are beyond lacking. While we pride ourselves at being the leading nation when it comes to […]

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Could “Madam President” Be a Reality in 2016?

With all the chatter around the internet of a possible presidential run for Hillary Clinton in 2016, there has been a lot of talk about teaching our daughters to reach for what they want. Heck, if my daughter wanted to be President I would start paving the way today! EMILY’s List has just announced its […]

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Red States and License Plates

When I moved 1,200 miles with my family from Connecticut to Florida I didn’t think the political culture would bother me much. I am extremely liberal, and I don’t think living in a different part of the country is going to change my beliefs. But one thing I have discovered is a lack of fairness […]

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