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From Tanzania with No Government

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — Having spent more than two years serving as USAID’s supervisory program director it’s probably safe to assume Craig Hart has fielded some interesting questions from journalists. Rocked back in his chair at the end of a long conference table today inside the American Embassy in Tanzania’s capitol, Hart, a big […]

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Hunger: Ramadan Challenge or Story of Life?

Thirty minutes from the city of Bahir Dar, at the end of the sole, dusty road leading through a tiny village we ducked into the cool interior of a mud-walled duplex. Six or seven of us crowded into the front corner of the last home on the left, no larger in its entirety than my […]

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Ryan Gosling *Hearts* Dairy Cows, but Needs a Biology Lesson

Ryan Gosling joined a long list of controversial celebrities this week.  Securing his position among the likes of Alicia Silverstone, Perez Hilton, and Dennis Rodman, the actor, who is best known not for his acting talent but the “Hey Girl,” internet meme, issued a letter to the National Milk Producers Federation on behalf of his […]

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Conservative Thoughts on The Fiscal Cliff & Foreign Aid

Last summer, in a last ditch attempt at spurring the budgetary super committee to action on the crushing federal deficit, an agreement was reached in Washington D.C. That agreement — known officially as the Budget Control Act, and unofficially as The Sequester – combined with impending tax hikes as a result of congress’ inability to […]

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BPA Bandwagon Off to a False Start?

It’s hard to imagine a parent of school-aged children today not remembering the BPA revolution of the early 2000’s; our realization that a chemical we barely understood was in everything from baby bottles to reusable dishes — and likely wreaking havoc on our bodies. So when a new study– one linking Bisphenol A to childhood […]

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