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Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar Speech: More Focused in God or Ticket Sales?

It’s no surprise to see Fox and Breitbart throwing together approving articles on Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar acceptance speech. But despite the fact that it sounded rambling, here’s why I think Matthew McConaughey was actually giving a very calculated speech that went beyond praising God. First, I have no doubt that his speech was sincere, that he meant to say [...]

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Birth Control Made Me

Birth control made me. Kinda oxymoronic, eh? But it did. I could have gotten pregnant oh so many years ago, with my high school boyfriend. I would have been showing in my graduation robe, with that silly gold Honor Student cord meaning nothing, as I settled down in my nothing town, with bills, diapers, and [...]

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How Do You Feel About Your Daughter Using the ‘F’ Word?

Since the release of my book Wonder Women several months ago, one of the questions that I’ve consistently been asked is “how is feminism different today? What do you hear on campus? Do young women want to be feminists, or not?”  It’s a complicated question, without an easy answer.  Because young women, of course, don’t [...]

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When Your Best Friend Has Breast Cancer

It’s October. ‘Tis the season for everything pumpkin and oceans of pink vomited upon every product known to mankind. It’s October. ‘Tis the season for me to think about Susan twice as much everyday and remember the one equation my astrophysicist best friend taught me that I actually understood: ACTION > AWARENESS There isn’t much [...]

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An Open Letter to the Washington Post: Is This Really News?

As the face of news and journalism continue to change, even traditional outlets are pushing the envelope with commentary that shocks our sensibilities.  This weekend, the Washington Post, soon to be taken over by’s Jeff Bezos, published a piece of commentary defending sexual relationships between teachers and students. Not surprisingly, the opinion piece (which [...]

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Mayor Bob Filner’s Sexual Harassment Lesson

Bob Filner is out of therapy. The 70-year-old mayor of San Diego, who is accused of sexually harassing at least 14 women, including two who were sexually assaulted in the military, actually finished his two-week stint early. This is either a terrific sign that the former 10-term congressman has been cured of his penchant for [...]

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I Regret Having Opted Out

When I met my husband in 1999, I had my dream job, in my dream industry, in my dream city. I had an Ivy MBA and was financially self-sufficient. I told my then future husband, that I would never, ever quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mother. I am certain that these things all contributed [...]

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