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Another White Guy for “Meet the Press”?

Oh, mainstream media. You have done it once again.  It seems that you just can’t help yourself when it comes to promoting white guy after white guy, especially for your signature shows. Rumors have been swirling that David Gregory is on his way out as host of “Meet the Press.” In many ways that’s a […]

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How Cultural Taboos Harm Global Women’s Health

As the mother of a teen-age girl, I have learned that the myriad of “feminine hygiene products” can be confusing and overwhelming to girls. But what if your daughter had the opposite problem once she starts her menstrual period? What if no products were available or they were too expensive for the family to afford? […]

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Can Hillary Clinton Win Without Maggie Williams?

Hillary Clinton and her about-to-be-released book, “Hard Choices”, are all the buzz in the news world this week.  What does her book say?  Will she dish dirt on President Obama? (Not likely) Does she harbor any bad feelings toward Mark Penn? (I still do). I haven’t read “Hard Choices” yet, but according to the advance […]

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