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Stop Multitasking NOW!

If elected officials want to ban marijuana, even though some states are legalizing it, maybe they want to take a look at outlawing multitasking. That’s right, they have something in common — how they impact your brain. I’ve noticed recently that my daughter is on the road to becoming a multitasker, as someone who listens […]

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Age Before Beauty in Opinion Commentary? Maybe That’s a Good Thing

In a Gawker column entitled, “What’s Wrong with America’s Opinion Newspaper Columnists in One Chart,” Sarah Hedgecock opined about why newspaper columnists often seem out of touch: “Why are newspaper opinion columnists so consistently baffled by the politics, technologies, and social mores of the 21st century? We’ve crunched some data, and we think we’ve figured […]

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Katie Couric & Her HPV Vaccine “Controversy”

Is Katie Couric taking Jenny McCarthy’s place as the latest celebrity vaccine denier? If her recent show on the vaccine that prevents most types of cervical cancer is any indicator, the answer is “yes.” As someone who went through her own cervical cancer scare years ago, and as the mother of a 13-year-old girl who […]

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Will Steubenville be the Beginning of the End of Rape Cover-Up Culture?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine might just be the nation’s newest champion when it comes to changing the culture of protecting schools and student athletes at the expense of sexual assault victims. This week DeWine announced four more grand jury indictments against school officials, including the Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Michael McVey and a former […]

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Women and Voter ID Laws: Suffrage 2.0?

A wave of new voter identification laws in states across the country have drawn plenty of criticism, and rightly so. They’re a thinly veiled attempt by Republicans to suppress voting by the poor, who are disproportionately black and Hispanic and tend to vote for Democrats. But the news coverage has missed another class of victims: […]

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