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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Adoptees’ New BFF?

Arnold Schwarzenegger might be my daughter’s new best friend. No, my eighth-grader isn’t a fan of the “Terminator” movie franchise or Schwarzenegger’s tenure as California governor. But as a girl who was adopted from China, she likes his recently reincarnated idea about changing the Constitution so that the ability to run for president of the […]

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6 Things Ted Cruz Wants You to Forget

For the last few days, cable news has been all Ted Cruz all the time.  His 23-hour rant about Obamacare on the floor of the Senate? He wants you to think it was a filibuster to sound all grand and champion-like, but under the rules of the Senate, it wasn’t. He was not up against […]

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The Intersection of Guns & Mental Health. Again.

In the wake of the recent Navy Yard shootings and the deaths of 12 victims (so far, not counting the deceased gunman), I’m reminded again of the conversations we seem to always have not only about gun control, but about the very dangerous intersection of the ability of those with mental health issues to obtain […]

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