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President’s Woes Don’t Equal Watergate

Inside the beltway, there’s a tendency to “gate” everything.  If you’re old enough, or a student of history, you know that Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal was one of the most notorious presidential scandals ever (that didn’t involve an intern!) Ever since then, any potential trouble for a president (and sometimes others) in Washington has been […]

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Brave’s Merida is Herself Again. But for How Long?

The has been much Disney fanfare welcoming the “new and improved” Princess Merida from the movie Brave — a new image, and an official induction ceremony at Disney World, complete with a live Queen Elinor, and adult Merida, taking her “rightful” place next to all the other princesses. But Disney’s Merida makeover — sexy or […]

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Wonder Woman, Buffy and the Black Widow

My daughter loves comic books and she is IN love with the Marvel super hero movies. She is especially fascinated with Iron Man, which concerns me as she gets closer to her dating years because I hope she doesn’t end up falling for the bad boys like Tony Stark. Or maybe it’s Robert Downey, Jr., […]

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