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Will Illinois Towns Ban Assault Weapons?

Illinois has become the last state in America to allow its residents to legally carry concealed weapons.  While Governor Pat Quinn vetoed it, the state legislature was able to override his veto, but the bill contains a provision that allows Illinois municipalities to pass their own gun laws within a ten-day period, including potential bans […]

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Don’t Mess With Texas Senate Committees

It’s no secret that the State of Texas has been in the headlines as women have been protesting and some politicians have been filibustering what conservative lawmakers are trying to do to the state’s laws on abortion and reproductive rights. Last week, Wendy Davis was all over the news, donning her “rouge red” running shoes […]

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Claire McCaskill & Hillary Clinton: Not Exactly BFFs

Claire McCaskill is “Ready for Hillary!” The senior U.S. Senator from Missouri has very enthusiastically announced her support for a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential candidacy — if she chooses to run — complete with official graphics on the Ready for Hillary Facebook page. At first blush, this seems only natural — one Democratic woman supporting […]

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The Great Gatsby Curve: A Lesson in Economics

It’s the summer of Gatsby! Everyone is rushing to re-read the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic before heading off to see Leonardo diCaprio in a cool, air-conditioned theater. But the literary classic that shed a little light on the haves and have-nots (albeit fictional ones), has presented an opportunity for the White House to find a […]

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