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Kamala Harris & the Minefields of Political Attractiveness

It’s time to make a pact. From now on, if you are in a professional setting and you’re thinking in your head, “Now that is one attractive man/woman/person/employee/colleague/business associate, etc.” this is what you must do from this day forward – Keep. It. To. Yourself. This is especially important if you are the president of […]

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Sympathetic Rape Coverage is Nothing New

In the hours after the announcement of the Steubenville rape case verdict, the coverage has been non-stop. No big surprise in our 24/7 news culture. What should be a surprise, but sadly isn’t, is the sympathetic tone being taken by some reporters about the future of the two boys (or young men, depending on how […]

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America Has an Anger Problem

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, I mused on my Facebook page about the bully aspect to this story. One person rightly commented that we don’t just have a gun problem in America. We also have bullying and anger problems, ones that we’re neglecting in commentary about violence. So why aren’t […]

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Mmmm, Pi!

No, not the Homer Simpson kind of pie. The kind of Pi my 7th grad daughter gets excited for once a year.  There’s always a contest in her math class to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi and then the winner gets, well, pie! So just for fun, here’s a little something […]

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Lonely Broads: Where are the Women at SXSW?

While I have yet to attend the famous (or infamous) South by Southwest conference, it’s one I’ve been curious about. One thing holding me back? It has a reputation for not being particularly female friendly in terms of speakers and sessions offered.  There seems to be the feeling on the part of some past attendees […]

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International Women’s Day: I Am a Full Woman

Sometimes you get a letter or an E-mail out of the blue, that contains an offer so wonderful and generous, you can’t pass it up. On International Women’s Day, there are so many things about women to be celebrated and discussed and debated. But one thing that hit home with the amazing video you are […]

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