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Who Can Profile?

I cannot hold my virtual tongue any longer. I have seen countless comments on the dozens of blog posts I’ve read in connection with the George Zimmerman homicide case that make reference to the “fact” that the killing couldn’t have been racially motivated because GZ is Hispanic (sic), not white. Somewhere along this country’s checkered […]

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“N” is for Nullify

The notorious “N” word has had an interesting couples of weeks, thanks to a scandal surrounding a certain down-home cook with a mind for business. Whether Paula Deen truly only said the word “nigger” once in her entire 66 years– an idea I find impossible to believe –or if she says it every day 50 […]

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Dr. Ben Carson: Not Right for 2016

The day I became aware of Dr. Benjamin Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast speech in the February, I was dumbfounded. As the President of the United States sat two chairs away, instead of delivering a speech that was billed as his account of how Jesus Christ was his ultimate role model, Carson launched into a 25-minute […]

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