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Scott Brown Goes to Iowa. Wait, What?

You remember Scott Brown, right? He stunned the country a couple of years ago by beating Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley for the “people’s seat” held for more than 40 years by Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell hailed him as “41,” the key to Republican obstructionism, and their great hope for […]

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Spitzer, Weiner, and the Privilege of Second Chances

The return of former U. S. Representative Anthony Weiner and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to the political spotlight in New York City is sure to keep tabloid writers and comedians busy for the next several months. The punster in me is loving this (“Anthony Mayor Weiner,” “Eliot’s Mess,” I could go on all […]

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Michele Bachmann’s Bizzare and Dangerous Legacy

When you pay as much attention to politics as I do, you know that not a week goes by without some elected official, national candidate, or one of their staff members making some outlandish statement that shocks us, embarrasses us, or at least has us spewing coffee all over our keyboards. It’s only gotten worse, […]

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The Spirit of Boston

The neighborhood where I work is now a crime scene. I wasn’t even in the city on Monday because our office is so close to the finish line of the marathon that the company gives us the day off. I’ve walked the stretch of Boylston Street, where the bombs went off, countless times. I’ve shopped […]

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Romney, We Hardly Knew Ye

  It’s not a surprise that Mitt Romney will not win his “home” state of Massachusetts. He was the last of a long string of Republican governors here who took the job with an eye on the next big thing. Like those before him, he started out as a relative moderate and gradually sharpened his […]

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Election 2012: A Referendum on the Middle Class

In his boldest move since firing Billy Bulger,the former president of the Massachusetts State Senate, Mitt Romney has hired Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Romney, who has been struggling in the polls, unable to define himself to voters and desperate to distinguish his moderate Massachusetts record from the President’s, finally put a […]

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Sanctum Santorum

Rick Santorum is holier than thou. Truth be told, I’m actually surprised that Rick Santorum hasn’t been the obvious frontrunner long before this, as GOP primary voters tend to be far more conservative than the rest of the population. This is a clear example of where the media has had an impact – deciding who […]

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