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25 Ways To End The Shutdown

We’re wrapping up day 9 of the Great Government Shutdown of 2013 and everyone’s patience is wearing reeeeaaallllyyyy thin. My Facebook feed is a litany of restless furloughed workers who are alternately taking on strange household projects and irritating their spouses. They are NOT doing the work of the American people and they are angry […]

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Dear Barilla: Alienating Gays Is A Terrible Marketing Move

The internet is all abuzz with word that the CEO of Italian pasta maker Barilla isn’t planning on featuring any gay people in their ads: “We have a slightly different culture,” Barilla said, per a Huffington Post translation of the interview. “For us, the ‘sacral family’ remains one of the company’s core values. Our family […]

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An Open Letter to Congress on Gun Control

To The Honorable Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives: I am writing to you to discuss the level of influence by certain special interest lobbies, in particular the gun rights lobby. Their influence has outgrown their value to the general welfare of America, and I urge you to consider their counsel […]

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Adoption: A Different Option

For many years, anti-choice activists have suggested that adoption is the kinder option than abortion. They argue that babies deserve life and there are families who will adopt unwanted infants. Recently, conservative pundit S.E. Cupp intimated it that it was a moral obligation of pregnant women otherwise considering abortion to instead carry babies to term […]

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Sexy Selfies: No Cause for Teen Shaming

Let’s talk about sexy selfies on the internet. Let’s talk about the idea of young women acting and dressing in provocative ways. Let’s talk about moralizers on blogs and in major newspapers who want girls to stop doing this because they think a culture of girls who dress like the cast of Little House on […]

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