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Power Up Your Feminine

If 2008 was the Year of the Woman, we’ve progressed to the Millennium of the Woman. Not only are women gaining clout in the traditional workplace, they have created their own workplace and leadership roles out of nothing more than audacity and their unique and powerful gifts and talents. Women aren’t following the patriarchal business […]

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“Mom-conomy” Takes Over the World

Woe is me! What’s a mother to do in this world? With all of the economic disparity, the craptastic economy and the completely un-mom-friendly corporate culture that keeps us from our littles? Whether single or married, mothers are discriminated against and can’t seem to manage a work-life balance and score equality. This could destroy the family […]

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Keep Calm and Mother On

I was honored to have been asked to speak at Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living about the subject of Conscious Motherhood on Mother’s Day, 2013. Rev. Cheri very flatteringly introduced me as the most powerful conscious mother she knows. *blush* & *bow* Below is a synopsis of my talk. (Please insert laughter where appropriate.) […]

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Broad of the Week: Viola Barksdale

Viola Barksdale gets kudos for our Broad of the Week. Never heard of Viola Barksdale? Surrounded by 91 laughing, mingling people I leaned into my grandmother, Viola Barksdale, at her 90th birthday party. Look at all the people you made!” I quipped. She beamed. I love getting to see everyone, but I most enjoy seeing […]

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Confrontation with Father Time

The Fort Collins Museum has a Mask fundraiser annually and this year I attended the Masquerade Ball with my friend Anna. There were many beautiful masks but this one gave me pause. The opportunity to confront Father Time about his tricks and schemes doesn’t present itself everyday, so I faced him head on.     Listen Father […]

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Romancing Feminism

A few days ago, I wrote about how I might be breaking up with feminism for a great many legit reasons. There are plenty of things to be disappointed about with feminism as a movement. But this image below seduced me back in:     Brilliant women. Smart women. Creative women. Strong women. Worthy women. […]

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Breaking Up With Feminism?

I’ve long said that blogging and the Internet makes freedom of speech a reality for women. Women may have had the “right to speak” before, but who would hear them? I’ve also identified as a feminist since my teenage years. Still, I’ve been disenchanted, shall we say. And while I’m going to a panel soon […]

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I Have Awareness Fatigue

I don’t care. I don’t care about a lot of things that a lot of good people believe that, if I were a good person with a soul, I should care about. They care about it, so it appears to follow that everyone needs to care about it. Or the world will end. Or there will be injustice. […]

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Sovereign Nation of One

As I embarked on a personalized week-long retreat with SpiritQuest, a spiritual retreat company, in Sedona, I take a deep breath and realize a very important thing. I am sovereign. Standing at a crossroads in my life I find myself in a uniquely liberating position. Sovereignty. I divorced last year, making me single after a […]

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