Joanne Cronrath Bamberger
Joanne Bamberger is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Broad Side. She is a political and media strategist, author, journalist and "recovering" attorney (formerly known around the blogosphere as PunditMom). She is the author ofMothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America (Bright Sky Press).   She is currently at work on a very surprising anthology about Hillary Clinton to be published in 2015. Joanne was honored as one of 2014's "Forty Over 40" honorees as a innovative "disruptor" in the new media world. Joanne was awarded the 2013 Advocacy Innovator Award by Campaigns and Elections Magazine for her research and writing about how women online in non-political spaces not only address political and policy matters through their non-traditionally political venues, but also directly and indirectly affect political and policy discussion. Joanne was named in 2013 by Working Mother Magazine as a "must read" online writer, and as one of their Most Powerful Moms in Social Media in 2011. She was nominated for the Women's Media Center 2011 Social Media Award. A new media expert and authority on political involvement of women, Joanne has contributed commentary to USA Today,, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNNFox News, Good Morning America, The Daily Beast, the San Francisco Chronicle, XM Radio POTUS, among others.  Joanne speaks frequently to a variety of groups about women, politics, social media and how their confluence is increasing women's power in all aspects of women's lives.   Joanne is an award-winning broadcast journalist who spent a decade as a radio and television reporter before attending law school.  Joanne spent 15 years in private and government practice, including a stint as Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. And, no surprise, you can find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @JLCBamberger!  Her journalism "brushes with greatness" as a cub reporter many years ago included interviews with Henry Kissinger AND Aldo Cella (but not at the same time)!
Veronica Arreola
Veronica I. Arreola is a professional feminist, writer and mom. She directs an award-winning Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program in Chicago. WISE works to support undergraduate and graduate women students who have career aspirations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through peer mentoring, seminars, workshops and a social network. Her blog, Viva la Feminista, has been named a top political and advocacy blog by Blogher, Type-A-Mom, Women’s Media Center and Latinos in Social Media. Her writing has been featured in Ms. Magazine, Bitch Magazine, and the Women’s Review of Books. Veronica has worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood Illinois, Chicago Abortion Fund, Bitch Media, and Women in Media and News. She is also a volunteer for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and assistant coach for her soccer team. Veronica is currently working on her PhD in Public Administration with concentrations in gender and public management.S he gets all of this done through a combination of a lack of sleep and her amazing husband of 14 years love and support.
Anne Born
Anne Born is a New York-based writer who has been writing stories and poetry since childhood.  While her children were enrolled in New York City public schools in the late 1990s, she edited and published The Backpack Press, and the CSDIII News, a monthly newsletter covering all public schools on Manhattan's Upper West Side.  She blogs on Open Salon and her writing focuses on family and life in a big city after growing up in a small one.  She is the author of "A Marshmallow on the Bus" and a photographer who specializes in photos of churches, cemeteries, and the Way of St. James in Spain.  Most of her writing is done on the bus. You can follow Anne on Twitter at @nilesite.
Ellen Bravo
Ellen Bravo is an activist and author. She serves as executive director of Family Values @ Work, a network of 15 state coalitions working for paid sick days and paid family leave. The former director of 9to5, National Association of Working Women, her most recent book is Taking on the Big Boys, or Why Feminism is Good for Families, Business and the Nation. She is a WMC Progressive Women’s Voices alumna.
Jaime Franchi is a freelance writer living on Long Island. Her work can be found on, Milieu Magazine, Punchnel’s, and soon in the New York Times “Motherlode” blog. Follow her on Twitter at @Jaimimimama .

Karen Francis is a writer and military spouse in the Washington, D.C. area and is the Military Families Editor for The Broad Side. Karen is the principal of KFVA Virtual Assisting, a company that provides freelance writing and editing services.

Liz Henry
Liz Henry can be found here and is a contributor to the anthology The Myth of the Good Mother. She lives in Atlanta. Tweet her @_LizHenry
Rebekah Kuschmider
Rebekah Kuschmider is a DC area mom with an over-developed sense of irreverence, socialist tendencies, a cable news addiction, and a blog. Rebekah has an undergraduate degree in theatre and Master’s in Arts Policy and Administration and a decade of experience managing arts organizations and advocating in the public health sector.  Rebekah also blogs about her life, her thoughts, and her opinions at She was voted one of the Top 25 Political Mom Blogs at Circle of Moms. Her work has also been seen at ,, Redbook online, and the Huffington Post.
Jennifer Hall Lee
Jennifer Lee is a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. She has spent many years working on Hollywood films and used her free time (when she had it!) making her own films. Her latest film, “Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation” is being distributed nationally and more public screenings are upcoming! Jennifer was recently named Global Ambassador for the Global Media Monitoring Project.
Delia Lloyd
Delia Lloyd is an American journalist living in London. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune and The Guardian. She was the London correspondent for Politics Daily and blogged about women and politics at The Washington Post's She the People. She blogs about adulthood at RealDelia.
Suzi Parker
Suzi Parker is an Arkansas-based political and cultural journalist and author of “Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt” and "1000 Best Bartender's Recipes." She writes frequently for Reuters, TakePart, and numerous other publications. Follow her on Twitter at @SuziParker.
Tracee Sioux
Tracee Sioux is a journalist and freelance writer, the passionate creator and entrepreneur of The Girl Revolution and TGR Body, mother, wife, seeker and believer. Tracee is also the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories and six children's history books commissioned by Rosen Publishing. Love letters from former editors and current clients can be found on Tracee's Linked in profile.  You can also "Like" The Girl Revolution Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter at @traceesioux.
Martha Teitelbaum

Marti Teitelbaum lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She is the mother of two high-energy girls (a twenty-something future radical social worker and a finally full teen 13-year-old!) and is married to a psychiatrist who devotes half his work life to a child mental health clinic. For almost 20 years, Marti used her degree in public health to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, producing most of their numbers on children’s health, disability, health insurance, Medicaid, and immunization. She has always been a political junkie and a fiber-holic and now, for the first time in her life, has the time to indulge in both of these addictions. Politics and weaving have a lot in common: both take a lot of thought and preparation and both have a lot of complicated entanglements. But the difference is that weaving calms the soul and produces something useful and potentially beautiful. Politics doesn’t.

Melissa Tingley

Melissa Tingley is a writer, instructional designer, and ten-year veteran of her local school board. A history and political junkie, she has been a blogger since 2006, chronicling life at her personal blog @ Home in the World, discussing public education and workplace learning at Beyond the Blackboards, and showcasing the stories behind heirloom objects at her new blog Artifactual.  Her writing has also appeared at The Women’s Colony and The Soccer Mom Vote.  She lives and argues politics in Massachusetts.

Aliza Worthington
Aliza Worthington grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and now lives in Baltimore. She began writing in 2009 at the age of 40. Sometimes her writing follows The Seinfeld Model of “no learning, no hugging.” Other times it involves lots of both. She blogs about Life, Liberty and Happiness at “The Worthington Post.” Her work also appears in Catonsville Patch, Kveller, and has been featured in the Community Spotlight section of Daily Kos under the username “Horque.” Her writing has also landed in the “Winner’s Circle” on Midlife Collage twice. Follow her on Twitter at @AlizaWrites.
Eileen Youens
Eileen Youens teaches and advises local governments and government contractors about public contracting, public construction, and conflicts of interest. She also puts her litigation training to good use in negotiating with her two-year-old daughter. Eileen tweets at @eyouens and blogs at