I Bring My Kids to Vote

Tomorrow is a largely anticipated day here in America. Election day.

For me, it couldn’t come any sooner because I am beyond sick of political ads polluting my television. I can honestly say, watching my typical Sunday night lineup last night, I saw maybe a hand full of commercials without political motive and it was driving me crazy!

Besides the fact that I am completely over the politics of the season, tomorrow is a big lesson day for my kids. My oldest son was just a baby when I voted in the last presidential election. I brought him with me to the polls and wore him into the booth. But he was too young to understand what it was all about.

This year I am bringing all of my children with me to the polls. Not just because I don’t have anyone else to come and sit with them, but because for my oldest two children who are almost five, and three years old… it is a life lesson.

Through this entire election process I have been open with them about why there are so many mean commercials on TV. (Their words! Not mine!) And how democracy works. It is interesting to see the wheels turning in their heads. No matter what kind of child-like thoughts and assumptions they may come up with.

When my oldest came home today from kindergarten asking if he can vote with me, it really made me know how important it is to involve them in the process. While I explained that he is not old enough to vote, he told me about a vote they took in his classroom.

It is truly a special experience as a parent, especially one with such an interest in politics, to see your children starting to take part in, and show interest in the process as a whole.

I know for some mothers, bringing a flock of kids to go vote may be overwhelming, but they are such little sponges at this age! Do it! Bring them! Show them! Let them get involved.

Tomorrow, we are going to cast our own mini-vote in our house to celebrate election day. I am sure you can guess who probably will win the Elwood Family house electoral vote.

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