I’m a Swing Voter: I’m Pissed Off at Democratic Women

I’m a swing voter, early voting has already started, and I’m not yet sure who I’m going to vote for. In a previous post, I’m a Swing Voter: I’m Older, Wiser and Resent Baby Boomers I shared that I’ve been a Democrat since I was 18 and had the privilege of voting for Bill Clinton. I’ve since voted for women and Democrats, never questioning my political stance. I’ve written gobs of blogs and editorials defending and promoting my position.

But this year, I’m older and wiser and I have more real life experience.

In addition to my wisdom, I realize that I am pissed off at Democratic women and feel a pull to vote against them.

 Smooth Talking Basketball Player 

Essentially, I feel betrayed by the fact that Democratic women voted for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. It’s been four years and I guess I’m still not over it. I feel that Democratic women betrayed women, feminist ideals, progress and equality by passing on the opportunity to vote for a well-qualified woman candidate. I don’t think it was very feminist of them.

They basically bought us, most  likely, at least another eight years with the possibility of and indefinite period of time of the same old patriarchy, which they claim to hate, by voting for Obama. Surprise, surprise, no women on the ticket in 2012. Wait, how many years were in between Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton? Yeah, forever.

I think they chose the guy over the girl because he’s a smooth talking, hottie, basketball player. Just like in high school. The guy had no experience to speak of. No relationships with which to leverage any clout in congress. Zero international diplomacy experience. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. He’s cute. And they thought his smooth talking charm would win him cooperation from congress. Except old Republicans don’t have the hots for smooth, basketball players with law degrees. And I think they did it with the belief that they were choosing some higher ideal, which somehow makes it worse.

Faulty Logic About Women’s Rights

I heard arguments full of faulty assumptions during that election and this one: oh, he’ll improve the conditions of women because he has two daughters and his wife is a professional. Every man who has been in power or poverty since Genesis has had daughters and wives, and loved them, and still traded them like cattle and denied them basic civil rights. George W. Bush’s family looked exactly like this demographically. Not one of them has achieved equal rights for his daughters or wives (though some have made at least some efforts toward it). Obama’s wife also freely admits that she has carried the entire burden of family life, getting help from her mother, to allow him to run off and pursue his ambitions. Which, by the way, women carrying both career and family without spousal support is a major feminist issue. Which is different than every other president, how? Then we have the he’s black so he’ll improve women’s rights because he understands discrimination argument. You mean like when women fought for black suffrage and black men were extended the right to vote, which they did not fight for and extend to women for another hundred years? You mean like that kind of improving women’s rights? It should be noted that Obama has the exact same percentage of women in his cabinet as George W., and his Supreme Court has the exact same number of vaginas.

How has Barack Obama improved the situation for women in this country? Ummmmm. Wait, I’m still thinking . . .

Him, they chose over a woman who had a 30-year career in politics, knew the ropes and was adept in getting what she wanted. She understood how to leverage her power with Congress because she’s already been in that war numerous times. A woman who actually had some real favors built up. A woman as qualified as any woman politician this country has ever seen. A woman who would have, could have, broken through the glass ceiling, just as she made it acceptable for women to wear a pantsuit instead of a dress, if she had Democratic women’s support. A woman who actually would have make women’s progress a real priority in this country. In my opinion, Hillary would not have taken the stale old position — we have to fix the economy first. I have yet to see an economy that didn’t need fixing, which means that women’s issues will always take back seat unless someone prioritizes it. I believe Hillary would have and Democratic Women missed the opportunity to find out.

Still, she was not good enough for Democratic women. 

Who are you waiting for? That’s what I’d like to know.

Tune in tomorrow if you care to hear about why I’m, lately, grossed out by Pro-Choice sentiments.

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  • http://www.righteousbacon.com Diana

    Well, I’m not a democratic woman, I’m a libertarian… BUT I voted for Barack last time rather than Hillary and it had nothing to do with anything you’ve written here. In fact, I’ll tell you exactly why Barry got my vote (over Hillary who I’d liked for a good long time): he opposed the individual mandate. And I bet, if you looked around, you’d find a whole lot of people who did the same thing.

    Of course, I’m older and wiser this time, too. Had I not been so naive to think he’d actually stand by what he promised he’d have never gotten my vote then either. And he certainly won’t again.

  • http://thegirlrevolution.com/ Tracee Sioux

    He made the mandate law. Sucks.

  • http://www.artifactualblog.com Lisse

    I’ve been a fan of Hillary’s since the “stay home and bake cookies” brouhaha way back in the 90s (why does that seem like ancient history?). I supported her for President, but I did so with my eyes open knowing that, if she did get the nomination, there was more than a good chance that McCain would be President today.

    It was not about her being female, it was about Clinton fatigue and the loaded arsenal that the opposing party had against her. Funny how all that doesn’t look so bad after how the Republicans have behaved in opposition to Obama for the last 4 years.

    While I was initially disappointed that she was not the VP pick, I firmly believe that she was absolutely the right pick for SOS. In addition to being good for the country, it has allowed her to demonstrate strength and leadership in a way not showcased in a Senatorial or VP role.

    Should she choose to run in 2016, I think the country may be ready for her.

    Hmm. Clinton vs. Christie. That could be fun!

  • http://thegirlrevolution.com/ Tracee Sioux

    Christie . . .sheesh.

    If I were Hillary I wouldn’t give Democratic women the opportunity again.

    I would love to see some new Democratic women superstars rise over the next four years.

  • http://www.punditmom.com Joanne Bamberger

    Tracee, while I understand your points, as a Democratic woman, it’s not really fair to lay Obama’s election at the feet of all Democratic women. Many of us voted for Hillary in the primaries but, once faced with a choice between Obama and McCain, there was no choice. I’m with you on part of the argument on how more women should have supported Hillary, but lost of us were with her for as long as possible.

  • http://thegirlrevolution.com/ Tracee Sioux

    Yep, she got 18 million votes. That’s awesome. However, the fact remains that if the rest of the Democratic women had voted for her …. well who knows? I’d have fewer sour grapes this election. As it stands. . . . sigh.

  • Diana Lucas Leavengood

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • Stephanie Rayburn

    But she didn’t win. I think she would have done a great job if she had become president, and I think the guy who did win has done a great job anyway. It would have been a nightmare situation for anyone to step into.

    However, Hillary Clinton is not running in this election. That was then. This is now. I get that the disappointment hasn’t subsided for you. So even in the face of that disappoinment from 4 years ago, how are you going to make a choice about THIS election, with these candidates?

  • http://www.thegirlrevolution.com Tracee Sioux

    Unknown, Stephanie.

    I guess I’m going with my gut at the last minute. I have an urge to overthrow my own historical thinking in just about every aspect of my life. Including my die hard political views. Inanna! The year of releasing everything has been cathartic and freeing.

  • adil

    I know this is old news now, the election is over, and whatever I say here won’t really matter at this point. But still… I am so tired of this hackneyed argument about how voting for Obama instead of Clinton was an anti-feminist thing to do. It completely ignores the fact that some women are (not white, or are) equally concerned with issues of both gender AND race, and therefore might have been just as excited about the prospect of having a black president as you were about having a female president. My vote for Obama was no more anti-feminist than your vote for Clinton was racist. And it also ignores the fact that plenty of very reasonable and well-informed people were of the legitimate and valid opinion that Obama was the best candidate for the job (and not just some random “smooth talking, hottie, basketball player.” Clinton and Obama were nearly identical on the issues. Ultimately I voted for Obama because I’m fairly liberal, and he seemed progressive, innovative and fresh, while in contrast, Clinton seemed centrist, old-school, and entrenched in the establishment. I assure you that it had nothing to do with him being “cute” or with me being a bad feminist.

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