Let’s Celebrate “Decembeaver”

Ladies!  Movember is OVER!

We can all sing a collective sigh of relief as our significant others finally break out their razor and shave off the patchwork quilt they called facial hair that they were growing in November to raise awareness and raise money for various men’s health initiatives, including raising money for prostate and testicular cancer research.

Yes, Movember is over just in time for us to start our own boycott-shaving holiday. DecemBEAVER!

Yes ladies! A month dedicated just to the lack of shaving between our own two legs. Men had their scruffy activist month, so why shouldn’t we have our own?

Although I am skeptical, I had a good laugh at this YouTube video, which includes the infamous Irene McGee from The Real World Seattle. You will probably remember her being slapped (by a man mind you) as she got into the car to leave the Real World house forever.

Real class act on his part right? But beside the point!

Watch this hysterical video, and even go ahead and use it to taunt and/or intimidate your significant other into skipping all the future Movember celebrations and just writing a check to the health-related charity of his choice.

Oh, and if you would really like to be an awesome activist think about donating to The American Cancer Society, or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Whether you give up shaving for “Decembeaver” or not!

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