The NFL’s Constant Flip-Flops on Abuse

What’s wrong with the NFL? Simply put, they flip-flop – a lot. Take the latest drama to hit the NFL. (Yes, it does appear that every day there’s a new public relations mess in the football world). On Monday, the Minnesota Vikings announced that Adrian Peterson will return to the team less than a week […]

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Feminist Dads Are Needed Now More Than Ever!

Short story, dads — you need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to gender roles and your daughters’ futures. So embrace your inner feminist, and get to that laundry! According to a recent study out of the University of British Columbia, parents can tell their children that boys and […]

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Advice for Hillary Clinton: Announce Your Candidacy Already!

Oh, Hillary. Please just go ahead and announce your candidacy. This weekend, Hillary and Bill Clinton showed up in Iowa at the Harkin Steak Fry. For political novices who need a Politics 101 briefing, the Harkin Steak Fry was created by U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) 37 years ago that became the go-to event in […]

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Mihelic Running Girl 15

#BringBackOurGirls Five Months Later: What One Artist is Doing So We Don’t Forget

It’s been five months since over 270 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by the militant group Boko Haram, which is opposed to any non-Islamic type of education. Despite various international efforts to rescue those children, not one has been found. Boko Haram claims to have kidnapped the girls because they were receiving a “Western style” education […]

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Portrait of sick woman with a headache, stress, migraine, hangover with text or copy space

Big Win for Paid Sick Leave in California, But More to Do

Six and a half million Californians will have reason to celebrate after Governor Jerry Brown signs the Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act (AB 1522). For 44 percent of the state’s population who don’t earn a single paid sick day, this simple act will move them a step closer to catching up with the rest of […]

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Twenty Years and Counting: The Commercial Internet at 20

Imagine your world without streaming video and music, without the Web, Facebook or online shopping. Imagine traveling without a GPS. What if instead of tapping the Search Bar on your phone or tablet to get the information you needed now, you had to trudge down to the local library to look it up? For those […]

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The NFL Needs Condoleezza Rice

The NFL needs to say goodbye to Commissioner Roger Goodell and hello to Condoleezza Rice. That’s right: Rice, the former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, and rabid football fan. It’s very clear that the NFL, a $9 billion industry, has a woman problem even if it doesn’t exactly want to admit it. […]

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Woman in fear of domestic abuse

Janay Palmer: An Abuse Victim Taking the Blame

When the domestic abuse story of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer first surfaced this summer, someone on the Baltimore Ravens’ Twitter feed decided it was a good idea to suggest that maybe Janay, Rice’s then-fiancee, and now his wife, should take some of the blame.  In a now deleted tweet, that can still be seen […]

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The Ray Rice Drama: The NFL’s Moment To Support Women

In a very 21st century move on Monday, the Baltimore Ravens announced via Twitter that it had terminated running back Ray Rice’s contract. The announcement came after new video surfaced on the celebrity website TMZ that showed Rice punching Janay Palmer, his then-fiancee, in the face in an Atlantic City elevator earlier this year. The […]

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Who Revoked Joan Rivers’ Feminist Card?

Joan Rivers was a woman who made her way in the comedy world at a time when few women were able to. The thing that distinguished Rivers was that she did her comedy her way without adhering to what was deemed the acceptable style of the time. She was no sweet Mary Tyler Moore on […]

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Joan Rivers: Comedian, Diva, Feminist and Scholar

With the passing of Joan Rivers, there is plenty being written about her online and said about her on talk shows. The death of any celebrity means days worth of constant coverage, tributes, and scrutiny. The world had something of a love/hate relationship with Rivers — or shall we call her by her real name, […]

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The Last Option on the Table

During the short drive from Beirut toward Damascus, our taxi turned off the road and pulled into a refugee camp in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. As a journalist and academic who writes about international security, I wanted to see the refugee situation I had read about for myself. I watched as a truckload of women […]

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For All the Young Women Who Think Feminism is BS

Are you a woman who thinks that feminism isn’t for you? Maybe you believe we’ve achieved equal rights and we don’t need a “movement” anymore?  Maybe you wonder if continued discussions about women’s rights are just all BS? It is not. While you are entitled to your opinion and even your experience on this question, […]

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