Another Boost for the Paid Sick Days Movement

More than a quarter million New Yorkers got a big boost last week when the City Council voted 45-6 to expand its paid sick days law. In a city where “a lot of people are one paycheck away from disaster,” as Mayor Bill de Blasio put it in an interview with Chris Hayes, the vote […]

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Thinner Still

I remained undetected for years. Or rather I thought I did. I’m sure many people knew but did nothing and that’s fine, it’s not their job and honestly we were just trying to navigate our teens and twenties as best we could. No one confronted me and the one time I spoke out, asking for […]

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And Thinner …

The pressure behind my eyes was so intense I truly thought they might explode. My stomach flexed and emptied the last of its contents. I was fourteen. It was the first time I had made myself vomit. I switched from a private school to public at the beginning of fifth grade and quickly felt the […]

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I don’t usually participate in the National Whatever Weeks…mostly because as a really troubled kid I sort of collected these things. You have one, you have a few. National Daddy Issues Week. National Sexual Assault Awareness Week. National Too Pale To Go To The Beach week. But I’m pregnant with a daughter. A girl and, […]

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The Suits and the Donuts

This morning I watched as a thousand commuters got on the train – single, alone, selfishly listening to music, reading a book, or turning the pages of one of the free morning newspapers. It’s a solitary business, going to work by train. Even if you see people you know, it’s really difficult to coordinate your […]

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Birth Control Made Me

Birth control made me. Kinda oxymoronic, eh? But it did. I could have gotten pregnant oh so many years ago, with my high school boyfriend. I would have been showing in my graduation robe, with that silly gold Honor Student cord meaning nothing, as I settled down in my nothing town, with bills, diapers, and […]

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Say It with Me: “I Believe You”

I don’t pretend to know what happened in the colossally fucked-up family dynamic into which Dylan Farrow had the misfortune of being born. I realize our legal system was originally set up to make it harder to convict someone than to acquit him or her. In practice, this allows for great travesties of justice unserved, […]

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Consider the Story of DPT

When discussions about vaccinations for children occur, it is the more deeply held beliefs behind the discussion – the skeleton of the argument- that divides debaters most. This is true for all passionately felt and complicated positions. In the abortion dispute, the skeleton argument is when the moment of life begins, i.e. if there is […]

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Library Activism and Women’s History

It’s February, which means it’s African American History Month, and I walked into my local library. As I approached the display table of books honoring notable African Americans, I saw ten books, but only one was about a woman – Rosa Parks. She was alone at a table of men. I had to change this. […]

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President’s Day: Time for a Female in the White House?

  President’s Day is coming up, and this year I want to honor our female presidents. Oh, I forgot.  There aren’t any.  You’d think it was against the law or something. It probably would have been if the founding fathers had thought of it.  They didn’t, because when they wrote the Constitution nobody thought a […]

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Valentine’s Day Economics

The East Coast is, once again, being devastated by another extreme winter storm (strangely, not being called “snowpocalypses” this year). As things are spinning out of control with snow and ice and wind, will the economy suffer because there will be less Valentine’s Day spending? Believe it or not, V-Day is viewed by some people […]

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States Power the Movement for New Family-Friendly Standards

Why are so many people opposed to local communities deciding what’s best for the health and welfare of their residents? Because these naysayers, fueled by lobbyists and financing from mega corporations, know such reforms lead to change statewide and nationally. Local wins provide living proof that minimum standards like paid sick days and paid family […]

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