Claire McCaskill & Hillary Clinton: Not Exactly BFFs

Claire McCaskill is “Ready for Hillary!” The senior U.S. Senator from Missouri has very enthusiastically announced her support for a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential candidacy — if she chooses to run — complete with official graphics on the Ready for Hillary Facebook page. At first blush, this seems only natural — one Democratic woman supporting […]

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Sarah Palin’s Commencement Advice is All Wrong

Sarah Palin has a message for graduates this spring. It’s simple and folksy and smacks of the kind of practical sentiment that made the Pitbull of Wasilla a household name. What Mrs. Palin says, by way of catchy graphic, is this: Yeah! Get off your butt! Make a buck! Work hard, get rich! ‘Merica! Because […]

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Anti-Plan B Sentiment is About Sex, Not Health

The Obama administration’s fight over keeping some  age restrictions on the availability Plan B emergency contraception, also known as the “morning after pill,” is over. After much political posturing, this harmless, yet vitally important, medication will be available to women and girls of all ages without a prescription. In 2011, Teva Pharmaceutical Industry filed an […]

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Unisex Bathrooms: A Stopgap Measure for Transgender Americans

When nature calls in public, we usually face a simple choice: the men’s or the women’s room. Yet that simple bifurcation does not cover everyone. Transgender people do not fit so easily into our traditional categories, and the battle over bathrooms again flares up. One of the first lessons students enrolled in Introductory Logic learn […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: It’s A Secret!

If you’re able to leave your house without the threat of being spirited into an unmarked car by angry intelligence officials, you’re having a better day than Edward Snowden. He’s the 29-year-old fellow who photocopied classified information about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs and passed it along to a journalist at The Guardian newspaper. Now […]

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Rape Culture Round-up

Well, folks, it’s June 14, 2013, and I’d like to welcome you to a little feature I call “Rape Culture Round-up.”  Progress on the War on Women front?  Let’s just say any moves have been lateral at best, rather than forward. We can start with this little gem from conservative talking head Laura Ingraham.  When […]

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The Great Gatsby Curve: A Lesson in Economics

It’s the summer of Gatsby! Everyone is rushing to re-read the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic before heading off to see Leonardo diCaprio in a cool, air-conditioned theater. But the literary classic that shed a little light on the haves and have-nots (albeit fictional ones), has presented an opportunity for the White House to find a […]

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The Plan B Pill: If It Were MY Daughter…

…I’d want Plan B to be available over the counter. I say this realizing there are great moral complexities involved here.  I’ve thought about it a lot regarding under-age girls seeking abortion.  When it comes to abortion, I ask myself, “Would I want to be notified if it were my daughter?  Would I want the […]

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A One and Only Is Enough For Me

I never saw myself as “mother material.” I never fantasized or dreamt of it when I was younger. It was always the furthest thought from my mind. I suppose it just never occurred to me to have kids, or that I would. Nobody expected me to. Nobody expects me to get married either — I […]

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How Are Women Not Running America?

American men, our days of political power surely are numbered. I don’t know how we have hung on as long as we have. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released voter demographic data from last year’s presidential election, and the picture does not favor men’s political fortunes. Most media outlets focused on the fact that for […]

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Must the “Devious Maids” All be Latina?

Devious Maids, a show that debuts on the Lifetime Network later this month from executive producer Eva Longoria, centers around five Latinas in Beverly Hills who are bonded together by their jobs, their ambitions, their dreams and life struggles. But Longoria and others involved in the show’s production have come under fire for perpetuating certain […]

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The One Child Solution

Author Lauren Sandler advocates for the benefits of “only children” in her new book, “One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child and the Joy of Being One.” Interestingly, she’s coming under fire for this view, saying in a recent interview that the intense scrutiny and blowback she’s received for shattering the stereotypes […]

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Broadway Female Directors Finally Hitting Stride

Eight years ago, Rocco Landesman, then Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts, predicted that doors were opening for female directors. He said it was coming, however slowly. Despite theater being a very liberal, progressive industry, female directors have been long overlooked at the Tony Awards. It wasn’t until 1998 that Julie Taymor became […]

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Guns for Self-Defense: Myth Versus Reality

If you are a gun safety proponent you are probably already familiar with Joe Nocera’s Gun Report in the New York Times. It’s a summary of news stories from around the country detailing gun injuries and deaths. It’s…long. Every day, there are multiple reports. Crimes, for certain. Drug-related shootings, drive by shootings, random violence, mass […]

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