Briefcases and Banter: An Article That Will NEVER Appear in the ‘New York Times’

A gender re-imagined parody on the New York Times laughable article, “Purse Politics”: WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), was sitting in his large, sunny office recently, riffling through the contents of his black leather briefcase.  After several moments, he laughed and produced a neon-pink earplug. “Here’s an earplug from the helicopter,” he said, […]

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What We Learned from Edith Bunker

Edith Bunker explained to her family that the accident began with a can of cling peaches in heavy syrup that jumped out of her grocery cart and dented a parked car. Her husband, every-man Archie Bunker, glared at her, and her daughter Gloria Bunker Stivic said, “But, Ma, you don’t even drive.” With liberal son-in-law Michael “Meathead” […]

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Girl Power Rules: The Chime For Change Concert

It’s no secret that I love Duran Duran, specifically lead singer Simon Le Bon. But he may have just given me a new reason to love him. This week, Le Bon said, “In the year which marks the centenary of the Suffragette Movement, I am excited to be a performer at the Twickenham CHIME FOR […]

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Maybe You Don’t Need Social Media to be Successful

You know that friend who frustratingly and inexplicably won’t get a Facebook account? In my social circle, that’s me. I also don’t tweet, pin, or tumble (that’s what they call posting on Tumblr, right?). It’s not that I’m completely off the grid: I have a blog, a professional website, and I also write for a […]

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Feminists Shouldn’t Give ‘SheZow’ A Pass

A kids’ cartoon that premieres Saturday has conservatives in a tizzy. It features 12-year-old, skateboarding every-boy Guy Hammond who fights villains as SheZow, a female superhero. According to conservative commentators, that sort of gender-bending has no place on children’s television. “SheZow” first aired in Australia. It comes to America by way of the Hub, a […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: The State of Our Military?

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, but there are many stories related to our military that deserve our attention. This week, we’re giving you “6 Things” that are in the news about the state of our military: 1. Senator John McCain Snuck Into Syria to Meet with Rebel Fighters. Having spent months criticizing President […]

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Michele Bachmann’s Bizzare and Dangerous Legacy

When you pay as much attention to politics as I do, you know that not a week goes by without some elected official, national candidate, or one of their staff members making some outlandish statement that shocks us, embarrasses us, or at least has us spewing coffee all over our keyboards. It’s only gotten worse, […]

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36 Years of Marriage to a Really Good Person

I’m writing this as a tribute to my husband and our marriage which is now 36 years old. I met my husband when he was in medical school and I was in public health school. I started our relationship by telling him how completely senseless and selfish doctors were (this was in the 1970s when […]

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Only the Good Dye Young

As we age, parts of us change color.  We want our teeth to be white, but not our hair. We want our arms and legs sun-kissed and bronzed, but certainly no brown age spots on our faces. It is a problem we women “of a certain age” deal with every day. A few weeks ago I was […]

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Cursive Writing: A Useful Tool with a Legacy

I’ve been dismayed by recent articles about how many schools have stopped teaching cursive. My own children attend a public Montessori school where they start cursive in kindergarten, and I’m thankful that is part of their curriculum. I understand the constraints schools are under these days to teach a growing array of skills, and I’m […]

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Leaning Ugly?

Talk around the water cooler all spring buzzed about the pronouncement by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries about beautiful people. Combine Jeffries’ comments with ongoing discussions surrounding the looks and size of today’s female CEOs, and anyone with a mole on her face–except for Cindy Crawford–might feel somewhat insecure. According to one Salon article: […]

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My Pitiful Small Talk Skills Pale

I’ve always considered my education to be an ongoing experience and not something left off when I stopped going to school. I want to learn more about people, about sports certainly, about the arts and politics, but I have discovered that no matter how much I move forward in my quest, I can always manage […]

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It’s Time to Go Back to the Office

About two years ago there was an article that came out in Salon in which writer Katy Read said she regretted quitting her job to stay home with her kids. The headline read “I Wish I’d Never Quit Work To Raise My Sons.” The story’s sub-headline read: “Consider this a warning to new moms: Fourteen […]

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How Far Can You “Lean In” if You ARE Pretty?

Tracy Thompson wrote a great piece on the The Broad Side today, entitled, “How Far Can You ‘Lean In’ If You’re Not Pretty?” It laments the universal inequity of the role of attractiveness between the genders. Men can soar in their careers being merely average-looking, but in order for women to soar, they must be […]

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How Far Can You “Lean In” if You’re Not Pretty?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the so-called “lean in” concept, and the pressures put on young women in our culture to be and do it all, whatever “all” is, and work-life balance and all that. In the midst of which, as the mother of college-aged daughters, I often find myself wondering: would […]

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Remembrances of Memorial Day Weekends Past

Memorial Day weekend meant two distinct and important activities for a child growing up in an Indiana town in the 1960s. Race Day was about fun and family, and Decoration Day was about country and family. Sunday was Race Day, an acceptable reason for missing church. Indiana’s 92 counties then shared the same time, in […]

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