6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Looks Matter

Gather ’round, everyone! Big news! Hillary Clinton is running for President! Really! She is! Did she announce her candidacy at a press conference? Well, no. Host her first campaign fundraiser? Nope. Smile coyly when asked about a potential run on a morning talk show? Not that, either. But she DID cut her hair! And that’s […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Problem is Dynasty, Not Age

Hillary Clinton is old. Thank you, Republicans, for reminding us that one of America’s senior stateswomen — a former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady — is in fact a senior. But there is a much better reason not to jump on the “Clinton 2016” bandwagon. She has not even declared she is running, […]

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Spitzer, Weiner, and the Privilege of Second Chances

The return of former U. S. Representative Anthony Weiner and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to the political spotlight in New York City is sure to keep tabloid writers and comedians busy for the next several months. The punster in me is loving this (“Anthony Mayor Weiner,” “Eliot’s Mess,” I could go on all […]

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The Least Harm: Why I Support Safe Legal Abortion

Recently, I’ve been asked outright why I support legal abortion. I was startled. I’ve been a vocal supporter of abortion rights for so long that I’ve stopped thinking about the reasons why, much less articulating them. I tend to get sucked into debates where I argue the points at hand rather than getting to the […]

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Girls Are the Champions

There’s nothing quite like a rock anthem to get people fired up! And plenty of people, causes and sports teams have used the Queen’s We Are the Champions to motivate. So why not let little girls get in on the rock advocacy action? Today’s tiny feminists need more than princesses and tutus. The “More Than […]

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Can Dumb, Sexy Broads Rule the World?

Can somebody remind me what year it is? It’s 2013, right? Even though we are in the 21st century, it appears that demeaning and objectifying women is back in vogue. Either that or it never went out of style. Over the past week, media outlets around the world reported on a study ‘revealing’ women to […]

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“Mom-conomy” Takes Over the World

Woe is me! What’s a mother to do in this world? With all of the economic disparity, the craptastic economy and the completely un-mom-friendly corporate culture that keeps us from our littles? Whether single or married, mothers are discriminated against and can’t seem to manage a work-life balance and score equality. This could destroy the family […]

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Don’t Mess With Texas Senate Committees

It’s no secret that the State of Texas has been in the headlines as women have been protesting and some politicians have been filibustering what conservative lawmakers are trying to do to the state’s laws on abortion and reproductive rights. Last week, Wendy Davis was all over the news, donning her “rouge red” running shoes […]

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An Open Letter to Susan Sarandon on Feminism

Dear Ms. Sarandon, Hi. First off, let me get the fandom part out of the way. I love your work in film. I love your advocacy in life. I think you are a real honest-to-goodness, bona fide role model. When I saw an article in The Daily Beast, with the provocative title “Susan Sarandon Says […]

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Crosses on the Riverfront

The town nearest to my home, of any size, is Evansville, Indiana.  An interesting lawsuit has the attention of local pundits and wannabee pundits, bantering back and forth in the comments of the local paper several times a week. The leaders of the city recently approved a  request to place 30 eight-foot-tall crosses on the […]

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A Baptized Male Alone or Time for Women Priests?

Former President Jimmy Carter recently hosted a conference at the Carter Center regarding women and their affiliation in leadership roles with organized religious groups, specifically the Catholic Church. Mobilizing Faith for Women will be looking at this relationship as an important human rights issue. In the comments posted in response to an article about the […]

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Allergies are Out. Obesity is In?

“Oh man, my allergies, my allergies!” If I had a bitcoin for every time I have heard that line in the past month, I’d retire. This year’s allergy season has been particularly challenging, if you can believe the unsolicited reports I get from the owners of all the runny noses around me. I need reports […]

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Will My Ice Floe Have Starbucks and Wi-fi?

The New York Times published the results of an AARP study on attitudes toward older workers.  As a Baby Boomer, I read the article anxiously — through my pink rhinestone reading glasses —  and posted it on my Facebook page.   The article, titled, “Older Workers Say Age Bias is Common,” noted that “the AARP […]

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“Weigh-cism” in America

First posted at JedMorey.com Hysteria over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s lap band surgery has coupled with coverage of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries’s interview in which he admitted, “I don’t want larger people shopping in the store,” has turned into what I’d like to call America’s latest round of bigotry: Weigh-cism. Not that […]

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Do I at Least Get to Decorate My Handbasket?

My husband and I were on our way home via Metro North last weekend when we overheard a conversation about that afternoon’s Gay Pride Parade in New York City. The conversation, not especially favorable, concluded with, “We’re going to hell in a hand basket.” I suppose the great irony of the situation was that although […]

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