The Sound of One Hand Praying?

This June marks the fourth annual global rosary relay. What’s that, you ask? Founded in 2010 in an effort to mobilize the prayers of Catholics worldwide, this relay is an effort to bring awareness, along with many hundreds of prayers, to the topic of the sanctification of priests. Catholic priests, to be exact. Remarkably, given […]

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Two Very Different Takes on Working Family Flexiblity

Republican Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and others in his party have recently been promoting an idea that conservatives have long shied away from — government-mandated workplace flexibility. Republicans have made it clear for decades that the idea of flex-time and other ideas to promote flexibility should be left up to employers and […]

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What is REALLY Important to Military Families

Military families have big concerns about their pay and benefits, employment opportunities for their spouses, and their children’s education. Probably most American families have those concerns as well, but these issues present special challenges for military families because of issues surrounding deployments and frequent family moves. Blue Star Families’ 2013 Military Families Lifestyle Survey, recently […]

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College Debt Has a Female Face

As the graduation season winds down the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” are fading, the mortarboards and robes are coming off, and the after-parties will soon be over. When the new college grads wake up, many will be in a new world. Welcome to Debtorville. The number of U.S. adults with student loan debt has […]

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Workers Have Advice for President Obama

Duncan McTaggart regarded President Barack Obama from 15 feet behind him on the stage. The president delivered a speech to Duncan’s co-workers, his congressional representatives, Baltimore’s mayor, and Maryland’s governor at Baltimore’s Ellicott Dredges plant, one of the oldest dredging equipment companies in the world. McTaggart had just finished introducing Obama to the crowd. Not […]

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President’s Woes Don’t Equal Watergate

Inside the beltway, there’s a tendency to “gate” everything.  If you’re old enough, or a student of history, you know that Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal was one of the most notorious presidential scandals ever (that didn’t involve an intern!) Ever since then, any potential trouble for a president (and sometimes others) in Washington has been […]

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Angelina the Amazon

In Greek mythology, Amazons were said to remove a breast in order to better shoot arrows. This week, the world awoke to realize that the breathtakingly beautiful Angelina Jolie had removed both of her breasts in order to better see her grandchildren. A lot has already been written on Jolie and her decision. For the […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Scandals Abound!

Benghazi. Tea Party targeting by the IRS. Associated Press records seized by the Department of Justice. Kerry Washington. Okay. That last one is actually an actress from a television show called Scandal that has recently exploded in popularity. The first three, though? Those are scandals that likely won’t see closing curtains for a while. They are […]

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The IRS & the Tea Party: Nonprofits Need More Scrutiny, Not Less

Washington Republicans and Democrats finally found something about which they can agree: The Internal Revenue Service should not have singled out groups with conservative sounding names for heightened scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Democrats can claim consistency. When Bush Administration departments were caught politicizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and using partisan litmus […]

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Charles Ramsey and the Racial Language Barrier

It’s high time for white folks to stop laughing at the way black folks talk. Of course, I’m referring to the latest social media sensation: Charles Ramsey, the man who is a hero for his Good Samaritan role in the rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from the Cleveland home of Ariel […]

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Pediatricians Could Be the Lobbying Key in Gun Safety

If you’ve been following the gun control debate over the months since the Newtown tragedy, one thing has become radically apparent: the gun rights movement is far better organized than the gun control movement. And the gun rights movement is emerging victorious, at least on the federal level, because of it. But a recent story […]

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Brave’s Merida is Herself Again. But for How Long?

The has been much Disney fanfare welcoming the “new and improved” Princess Merida from the movie Brave — a new image, and an official induction ceremony at Disney World, complete with a live Queen Elinor, and adult Merida, taking her “rightful” place next to all the other princesses. But Disney’s Merida makeover — sexy or […]

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