Broad of the Week: Viola Barksdale

Viola Barksdale gets kudos for our Broad of the Week. Never heard of Viola Barksdale? Surrounded by 91 laughing, mingling people I leaned into my grandmother, Viola Barksdale, at her 90th birthday party. Look at all the people you made!” I quipped. She beamed. I love getting to see everyone, but I most enjoy seeing […]

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Marrying Well Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

On the subject of finding the right partner, first we heard from Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook executive who advised other women, in her bestselling and controversial book, Lean In, to “marry well.” Sandberg wrote: “The single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a life partner and who that […]

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The Original “Take Your Daughter To Work” Day

Right around the time I began teaching, 1993 or so, I got a nice surprise in April.  There was to be a “National Take Your Daughters” to work day, the goal of which was to encourage parents to share their careers with their daughters, ostensibly to get them thinking about and gaining a view into […]

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Good Luck with That Poopy Diaper at 30,000 Feet!

“How is it anyone else’s concern if there is somewhere for you to change or breastfeed your baby in public? Why is it anyone else’s responsibility to help you when you are pregnant or a new mother?….Why do you want sympathy?” That’s an email I got — from a woman — when I had the […]

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The Sin of the Strapless Dress

Who knew that shoulders are the new middle school distraction? I feel sorry for those poor eighth grade girls at Readington Middle School in New Jersey. Their principal has banned the strapless dress for this year’s prom. Her reason for the ban? They are too distracting for the boys. There is a whole brouhaha brewing […]

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“Cooked”: Is Fast Food Feminism’s Fault?

Michael Pollan, the food guru who gave us The Ominivore’s Dillemma, has a new book out this week. Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, is an exploration of how earth, fire, water, and air eventually result in food — real food, not the “food-like products” found on supermarket shelves that make us all fat, sick, […]

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Meanwhile, Back at the Korean DMZ

When it comes to North Korea, it’s a country that’s not at the very top of our national security list of worries. But the possibility of trouble with the Communist country isn’t infrequent, either. Not sure Dennis Rodman studied up on that before his recent trip there. But I’ve been reading a lot lately about […]

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Boston Marathon Bombers Weren’t Czech

Last week, I rode the emotional roller coaster with all Americans after the senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon. Anger, sorrow, shock, outrage. Finally, some relief when the alleged bombers were killed and captured. I felt one more thing that did not hit most Americans: Ethnic pride and the desire to slap the Twitterati upside […]

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Confrontation with Father Time

The Fort Collins Museum has a Mask fundraiser annually and this year I attended the Masquerade Ball with my friend Anna. There were many beautiful masks but this one gave me pause. The opportunity to confront Father Time about his tricks and schemes doesn’t present itself everyday, so I faced him head on.     Listen Father […]

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Wonder Woman, Buffy and the Black Widow

My daughter loves comic books and she is IN love with the Marvel super hero movies. She is especially fascinated with Iron Man, which concerns me as she gets closer to her dating years because I hope she doesn’t end up falling for the bad boys like Tony Stark. Or maybe it’s Robert Downey, Jr., […]

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The Senate Voted Down Universal Background Checks. But Why?

Earlier this week, gun control advocates were stricken when the Senate failed to pass the Manchin-Toomey amendment to the Safe Communities and Schools Act of 2013. This amendment to the base gun control bill would have required universal background checks for anyone purchasing a firearm. The change would primarily affect private sales and sales at […]

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