Finding My Religion in a Bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup

It’s Passover, and sadly, I won’t be able to celebrate with some of my family.  I’m not Jewish, but I married into a Jewish family, and have long loved the traditions of the faith — including the Passover Seder. No, I’m not crazy. I have experienced a full-fledged, several hour event, as well as abbreviated [...]

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And Then They Came For Me

When will it happen again?  Will I be a victim when I am volunteering, as I did this morning, at our local rehabilitation center?  Or will it be my husband at the university?  Will it be our son, interning on Capitol Hill?  Or my nephew in his Big Ten university classroom?  Will it be my [...]

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Malala Yousafzai: Back to School … in England

Right in the middle of Women’s History Month, we have a beautiful new inspiration — a young feminist has started a new chapter of her life. People around the world should be clapping as the fifteen-year-old Pakistani education activist and BBC blogger, Malala Yousafzai, attended her first day of school at Edgbaston High School in [...]

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Having it All vs. Having Enough

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg hopes her new book “Lean In” will start a new wave of feminism. Fine by me, as long as working-class women don’t get swept out to sea. Sandberg is the latest iteration of post-feminism, we’re told, less militant, more upbeat. One of the few topic-tier female managers in America, her aspirations [...]

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In Praise of Filth: A Feminist Housework Manifesto

I’ve been thinking a lot about housework lately, and I’ve concluded that dirt is a feminist issue. I became a stay at home mom almost by accident. I became pregnant in the middle of my doctoral program, which also coincided with moving to a new city. It made no sense to get a new job [...]

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Broad of the Week: Sheryl Sandberg & Her Controversy

Sheryl Sandberg’s just-released book, “Lean In,” has caused more than its share of controversy. Even though Sandberg newly defines herself as a feminist and believes that the principles in her book uphold feminists beliefs, not all feminists agree with her, not by a long shot. That is because “feminism” is a broad umbrella of values. [...]

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The Influential Harriet Hoctor

Her complexion was still peach-fresh, her toes curled in a perfect “C” in a pink ballet slipper on the rare occasions that she demonstrated a step. Paradoxically, Harriet Hoctor – or Miss Hoctor as we youngsters meekly addressed here — wore a somber black dress over her stout body, her blondish-gray hair wrapped in a [...]

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A Tiny, Angry Rant From a Mother

Next to our gun culture, we’re a sports culture. Think about how the students reacted at Penn State when their beloved coach Joe Paterno left. Think about the alleged decade-long cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s heinous activities about sex with children under the blessings of a charity for children. And it was all in the name [...]

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Time to Talk With Our Sons About Rape

This morning I heard the verdict in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. Guilty. The young men accused are juveniles, so they could be incarcerated only until they are twenty-one. I hope beyond hope, that one day things change for our daughters and our sons. When my daughter went off to college three and a half [...]

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Sympathetic Rape Coverage is Nothing New

In the hours after the announcement of the Steubenville rape case verdict, the coverage has been non-stop. No big surprise in our 24/7 news culture. What should be a surprise, but sadly isn’t, is the sympathetic tone being taken by some reporters about the future of the two boys (or young men, depending on how [...]

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Are Women Taking a Page from the GOP Playbook?

First published at While I hate to be the harbinger of good news on the Republican side, there have been some moments of clarity on the political right that need mentioning. The instances where several key Republicans have come forward in support of gay marriage, the dinner meeting with the President to speak actual [...]

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