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How Are Women Not Running America?

American men, our days of political power surely are numbered. I don’t know how we have hung on as long as we have. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released voter demographic data from last year’s presidential election, and the picture does not favor men’s political fortunes. Most media outlets focused on the fact that for […]

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Guess What? There Is No Fiscal Cliff

Mayday! Mayday! Watch out! There is a “fiscal cliff!”  We’re headed straight for it! It will be the ruin of all America! Just as soon as the 2012 presidential election was over, media outlets had a huge vacuum to fill and nothing to fill it with, at least that’s what I have to assume since […]

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Romney, We Hardly Knew Ye

  It’s not a surprise that Mitt Romney will not win his “home” state of Massachusetts. He was the last of a long string of Republican governors here who took the job with an eye on the next big thing. Like those before him, he started out as a relative moderate and gradually sharpened his […]

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In the Aftermath of Sandy: The 2012 Election

“People don’t care about voting when they haven’t had heat and hot water for five days.” That’s what I was told by a family member living in Nassau County on Long Island. She had been spared by Superstorm Sandy but continued to encounter friends, colleagues and random passersby who had lost everything. A waitress with […]

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I Bring My Kids to Vote

Tomorrow is a largely anticipated day here in America. Election day. For me, it couldn’t come any sooner because I am beyond sick of political ads polluting my television. I can honestly say, watching my typical Sunday night lineup last night, I saw maybe a hand full of commercials without political motive and it was […]

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I’m a Swing Voter: My Optimistic Prediction

This is the fourth in a series of posts about why I find myself, a historical Democrat, becoming conflicted about who I will vote for this year. I guess I’m a swing voter. I’m worried about footing the bill for Baby Boomer retirement, I’m still not over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost and then […]

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