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Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Not Your Values, Senator.

The truth of it is this: making someone laugh at someone else’s expense fosters connection. It’s true at the playground and the water cooler and, so, it’s tragically true in the ethereal space of public discourse. A well played “zinger” has four important characteristics: it must be clever, it must be funny, it must be […]

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Romney, We Hardly Knew Ye

  It’s not a surprise that Mitt Romney will not win his “home” state of Massachusetts. He was the last of a long string of Republican governors here who took the job with an eye on the next big thing. Like those before him, he started out as a relative moderate and gradually sharpened his […]

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In the Aftermath of Sandy: The 2012 Election

“People don’t care about voting when they haven’t had heat and hot water for five days.” That’s what I was told by a family member living in Nassau County on Long Island. She had been spared by Superstorm Sandy but continued to encounter friends, colleagues and random passersby who had lost everything. A waitress with […]

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I Bring My Kids to Vote

Tomorrow is a largely anticipated day here in America. Election day. For me, it couldn’t come any sooner because I am beyond sick of political ads polluting my television. I can honestly say, watching my typical Sunday night lineup last night, I saw maybe a hand full of commercials without political motive and it was […]

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Mara Superior’s Vision of the Obama White House

Artist Mara Superior never thought of herself as a political woman. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries for decades, and is in museum collections and private collections, as well. Now, it’s not as if she never had opinions or shied away from the news, but her art expressly was not about social […]

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