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Adoption: A Different Option

For many years, anti-choice activists have suggested that adoption is the kinder option than abortion. They argue that babies deserve life and there are families who will adopt unwanted infants. Recently, conservative pundit S.E. Cupp intimated it that it was a moral obligation of pregnant women otherwise considering abortion to instead carry babies to term […]

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Daily B.S. — Clinics Close and “Pro-Life” Is Anything But

Welcome to our new feature, “Today’s B.S.” Contributor Robin Marty reads through the reproductive rights headlines and highlights the important ones of the day so The Broad Side readers don’t have to … 1. Anti-choice activists are ecstatic about a proposed 20 week abortion ban specifically for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Less enthused […]

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Daily B.S. — CPCs Get Sweetheart Deals, Iowa Board of Med Withholds Evidence on Telemed Ban

Contributor Robin Marty reads through the reproductive rights headlines so The Broad Side readers don’t have to… – There’s nothing that the right hates more than anything that remotely resembles taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. But anything goes when it comes to getting money to religious crisis pregnancy centers (“CPC”). Georgia officials have arranged for […]

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Ireland, Abortion and a Vacation in Scotland

About every two years our family takes a major vacation. We started this tradition in 1993 by going to Nantucket, which required reservations for the ferry made way in advance of the vacation and a fair amount of research by my husband on the best place to stay. Success! We loved it. We’ve expanded since […]

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Let’s Talk Abortion in America

When we think of abortion in America, there is a certain negative stereotypical stigma that is associated with the medical procedure. But the problem is, often those are not only inaccurate, but completely unfounded. So, I decided to put together a post with quite a few infographs breaking down who exactly is having abortions in […]

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