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Are Women Taking a Page from the GOP Playbook?

First published at  jedmorey.com While I hate to be the harbinger of good news on the Republican side, there have been some moments of clarity on the political right that need mentioning. The instances where several key Republicans have come forward in support of gay marriage, the dinner meeting with the President to speak actual […]

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Are You Brand Obama or Brand Romney?

Is Barack Obama an iPhone man or a Blackberry kind of guy? Does Mitt Romney like to “tweet” or is he more about “friending?” Image says everything. That’s a mantra not only worshipped in marketing and advertising, but these days, in politics as well. So what images do our presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt […]

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Stop It, Ann Romney!

“Stop it! Stop it, RIGHT NOW!” What parent hasn’t had that moment of “I’m at the end of my rope” frustration with a tired or petulant child? You know you shouldn’t yell. You know you’re supposed to remember all the good parenting stuff you’ve been taught — talk in a calm voice, get down to […]

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