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Conservative Welfare Disguised as a Child Tax Credit

Utah Senator Mike Lee proposes revamping the federal tax code in a way only conservatives could love. His “Family Fairness and Opportunity Tax Reform Act” would not actually fix the nation’s financial woes, but it does successfully blend failed conservative pipe-dreams and pandering in a way that is sure to appeal to the base. It […]

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Fight On, Dusten Brown, for Baby Veronica

Almost seventeen years ago, I placed my daughter with an adoptive family in an “open” adoption. Back in the late ’90s, an open adoption – at least in my case – meant I would receive pictures up until the baby became a toddler and then a girl who blew out her fifth candle. The only […]

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Feminists Shouldn’t Give ‘SheZow’ A Pass

A kids’ cartoon that premieres Saturday has conservatives in a tizzy. It features 12-year-old, skateboarding every-boy Guy Hammond who fights villains as SheZow, a female superhero. According to conservative commentators, that sort of gender-bending has no place on children’s television. “SheZow” first aired in Australia. It comes to America by way of the Hub, a […]

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Universal Preschool Could Help Working Families

Two years ago, I went on a rant about the cost of preschool in my local area. As a two parent working household, we still struggled to add the nearly $400 a month onto our plate while juggling a new baby and our monthly obligations. Of course there are options for free programs, none of […]

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Why Isn’t Paul Ryan Getting Asked about His Kids?

What do new GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan and former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin have in common? They’re both the parents of young, school-aged children. Ryan’s children — ages seven, eight and nine — are in that childhood sweet spot. They’re just old enough not to need attention every moment of the day, but […]

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Don’t Lose Health Care Reform

Election Year 2012 marches on to November.  Here and there social causes are used as political footballs. Some candidates surviving the latest tackle will see a few more yards.  But there is one national issue that we, particularly women of all ages, cannot allow to be benched – health care insurance and the basic reforms […]

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Amendment One Hurts All North Carolinians

It’s worth noting that sun did not shine in North Carolina today. By now you’ve heard that North Carolina’s voters have cast their ballots to amend our state Constitution. Amending a Constitution is no small feat and is not to be taken lightly. North Carolinians voted on Amendment One that stated that the only recognized […]

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