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Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Lena Dunham, creator of the TV show “Girls” and best-selling memoirist, is like a yard sale: someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure and whether you consider her one or the other, the Internet-at-large wants to slap on a coat of teal paint and repurpose her body/words/work into whatever micro-personal agenda is particularly fancy that […]

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These Tea Party Brats Need a Backpack Leash

Tea Party Republicans, giddy over a government shutdown, look like a bunch of foolish children at the maniacal hour before bedtime when all the crazies of the day come out and, before sleepy eyes flicker, begin to run into walls and wail loudly and without reason all the while demanding ludicrous things that make no […]

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Fight On, Dusten Brown, for Baby Veronica

Almost seventeen years ago, I placed my daughter with an adoptive family in an “open” adoption. Back in the late ’90s, an open adoption – at least in my case – meant I would receive pictures up until the baby became a toddler and then a girl who blew out her fifth candle. The only […]

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Feminists Shouldn’t Give ‘SheZow’ A Pass

A kids’ cartoon that premieres Saturday has conservatives in a tizzy. It features 12-year-old, skateboarding every-boy Guy Hammond who fights villains as SheZow, a female superhero. According to conservative commentators, that sort of gender-bending has no place on children’s television. “SheZow” first aired in Australia. It comes to America by way of the Hub, a […]

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Wolf Blitzer’s Faith-Based Journalism in Oklahoma

Americans are accustomed to reporters framing tragedy in divine terms. Survivors were the beneficiaries of “miracles.” Everyone should pray for the victims and their families. And so on. For CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, such religious pandering recently backfired embarrassingly. He was on the ground in Oklahoma after a powerful tornado devastated the town of Moore. It […]

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The IRS & the Tea Party: Nonprofits Need More Scrutiny, Not Less

Washington Republicans and Democrats finally found something about which they can agree: The Internal Revenue Service should not have singled out groups with conservative sounding names for heightened scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Democrats can claim consistency. When Bush Administration departments were caught politicizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and using partisan litmus […]

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Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Not Your Values, Senator.

The truth of it is this: making someone laugh at someone else’s expense fosters connection. It’s true at the playground and the water cooler and, so, it’s tragically true in the ethereal space of public discourse. A well played “zinger” has four important characteristics: it must be clever, it must be funny, it must be […]

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