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#HillaryClintonBookTitles: Hillary Hashtag Shows Conservatives’ Fear

Hillary Clinton can become a trending topic on Twitter without doing much. On Wednesday, #HillaryClintonBookTitles was trending on the social media site after Hillary joked about her possible book title during a speech to the Association of American Publishers. In turn, thousands of people were tweeting funny, feminist and, sadly, insulting comments about the former […]

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Conservative Thoughts on The Fiscal Cliff & Foreign Aid

Last summer, in a last ditch attempt at spurring the budgetary super committee to action on the crushing federal deficit, an agreement was reached in Washington D.C. That agreement — known officially as the Budget Control Act, and unofficially as The Sequester – combined with impending tax hikes as a result of congress’ inability to […]

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The Problem With Politics: The Defense Never Scores

Some of my fondest childhood memories take place in the living room of my grandparents’ old farm house.  I can remember the bright red carpet with its swirled texture; the navy blue slippers my Grandma always wore in the house; the way her thighs looked when she sat, legs crossed at the knees, in her […]

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Mitt Romney: Paul Ryan’s Newest Liability

Twitter may be all atwitter with talk of the newly announced “GOP Dream Team”, but what everyone’s really thinking is, “Hey Mittens, don’t screw this up!” Paul Ryan is this year’s conservative golden boy. He’s a blue-collar raised, young gun, budgetary pen wielding, economic whiz kid who’s not afraid of a little hard work, has […]

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Meet My Republican Friends

I get asked often why I decided to take this trip, this year around my own country. There are many answers I give, depending on the time allotted and the perceived interest of the person asking. Once in a while, if I suspect someone really cares about hearing the long answer, I’ll talk about my […]

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