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Two Very Different Takes on Working Family Flexiblity

Republican Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and others in his party have recently been promoting an idea that conservatives have long shied away from — government-mandated workplace flexibility. Republicans have made it clear for decades that the idea of flex-time and other ideas to promote flexibility should be left up to employers and […]

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Michelle Obama Gets the Unwelcome Mat in Miami

Stay in school! Graduate! Register to vote! These are the subversive messages the Obamas have been trying to get into our children’s schools! Remember a couple of years ago when some super conservative Americans decried the fact that President Obama was going to make a “stay in school” speech to be streamed into classrooms? Many […]

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Predictable Iowa Portends Tough Obama Re-election Road

No matter whether Mitt Romney finishes first, second or third in the Iowa Republican caucuses tonight, he “wins” and becomes what he has been all along–the presumptive GOP nominee. Those Democrats who believe the parade of horribles in GOP debates and endless rounds of television interviews have helped President Barack Obama’s re-election chances are doing […]

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The Social Security Payroll Tax: Is the “Holiday” Over?

The approach of the Iowa Republican caucuses inspires me to think about other irredeemably bad ideas. Among the thousands free-floating in the political atmosphere, one stands above all others as having the worst consequences for pretty much every part of the Democratic Party–with the exception of affluent, educated liberals who are now and always have […]

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Meet My Republican Friends

I get asked often why I decided to take this trip, this year around my own country. There are many answers I give, depending on the time allotted and the perceived interest of the person asking. Once in a while, if I suspect someone really cares about hearing the long answer, I’ll talk about my […]

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