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Guns 101: The New Way to Learn About the Constitution!

Several legislators in the South Carolina have proposed some changes to the way the schools down in the Palmetto State teach history and civics. While I’m always a proponent of giving more attention to the study of U.S. government (Teach kids that they can vote at 18? Yes, please!), the changes offered in a bill before […]

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When Girls Dare to Challenge the Educational Status Quo

Recently, Maryland Delegate Ariana Kelly posted an exchange on her Facebook page between her daughter and one of her daughter’s teachers. Ariana has kindly allowed us to post that letter here ate The Broad Side. We love this as an example of a young student feeling confident in her own research abilities, as well as […]

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Should Cursive Writing Be Taught in School?

Are you old enough to remember learning to do cursive writing each school day, with a fat pencil on lined, horizontal notebooks? My recent brush with what some consider to be an outdated mode of writing has convinced me that those who want to eliminate cursive handwriting from public schools are in the wrong. In […]

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A White Girl and the ‘N’ Word

The recent Paula Deen controversy has me thinking about an incident that happened to me when I was a child. When I was in elementary school in 1970’s Brooklyn, NY (maybe third grade?) a kid (who was white) told me I had “n*gger lips.”  It felt weird, because I wasn’t sure if it was a […]

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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is Not Sexist

Phil Bryant is the Republican Governor of Mississippi. If those three things weren’t enough to put a nail in his coffin with progressives, then wading into the news that women are the new face of breadwinning for the modern family definitely sealed his grave. But he may actually have a point about what happens to […]

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Cursive Writing: A Useful Tool with a Legacy

I’ve been dismayed by recent articles about how many schools have stopped teaching cursive. My own children attend a public Montessori school where they start cursive in kindergarten, and I’m thankful that is part of their curriculum. I understand the constraints schools are under these days to teach a growing array of skills, and I’m […]

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