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I’m a Swing Voter: My Optimistic Prediction

This is the fourth in a series of posts about why I find myself, a historical Democrat, becoming conflicted about who I will vote for this year. I guess I’m a swing voter. I’m worried about footing the bill for Baby Boomer retirement, I’m still not over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost and then […]

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Presidential Food Politics

As November quickly approaches, there is no sign that the big three issues — the economy, gay rights, and women’s reproductive freedoms — are going to give up their firm hold on the national political stage.  With both candidates keeping their eye on those issues with which they’re strongest — President Obama focusing heavily on […]

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Mitt Romney: Paul Ryan’s Newest Liability

Twitter may be all atwitter with talk of the newly announced “GOP Dream Team”, but what everyone’s really thinking is, “Hey Mittens, don’t screw this up!” Paul Ryan is this year’s conservative golden boy. He’s a blue-collar raised, young gun, budgetary pen wielding, economic whiz kid who’s not afraid of a little hard work, has […]

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