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My Feminist Plea: Stop Protecting Me

Most days, I pride myself in being an early feminist. I subscribed to Ms. Magazine, I joined the National Organization for Women, I voted, and I sneered dutifully when a man tried to open a car door for me, because I had witnessed first hand how easy it was for a man to get more […]

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Fear and Loathing, Gender-Free

In the past seven days or so, a series of decisions made by a state legislature, a state court and the United States House of Representatives, brought ineffable sadness to progressives in the United States, while many self-styled conservatives cheered. Those decisions include the passage of one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the […]

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Breaking Up With Feminism?

I’ve long said that blogging and the Internet makes freedom of speech a reality for women. Women may have had the “right to speak” before, but who would hear them? I’ve also identified as a feminist since my teenage years. Still, I’ve been disenchanted, shall we say. And while I’m going to a panel soon […]

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