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Portrait mature woman in mirror

Yeah, But… I Still Feel Bad About My Face

Some days I look in the mirror and I think: You look pretty good for a woman pushing 60. Other days I glance at myself and wonder: Who is that woman? She looks nothing like me. More than once I catch glimpses of my mother and my father in the way I look. And when […]

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Racial Justice

White Like Me in Times Like These

The news reports are always lurking at the edges of my mind; another white policeman kills an unarmed black man and no charges are filed. What does that have to do with me? I am a good person. Kind. Big-hearted. My intent, even as a child, was to treat everyone equally. I don’t know anything […]

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Bitch Sign

Here’s a Word Time Magazine Could Ban

The furor has finally died down over Time Magazine‘s call to ban the word “feminist” from our vocabulary. But if  TIME is going to insist on tossing perfectly good words from our lexicon, I have a better word for their suggested list of trite and irritating words to ban in 2015. Rather than “feminist,” which was […]

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#CrimingWhileWhite: White Guilt on Display With the Same Consequences

After a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict the police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, who administered the chokehold that killed Eric Garner, “nice white people” took to Twitter to highlight racial discrepancies in policing with the hashtag, #crimingwhilewhite. The hashtag quickly gained momentum as a play on “driving while black,” but highlighted the ways in […]

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