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Why Does Amelia Earhart Matter?: To Be But a Challenge

Amelia Earhart was not a famous singer or Hollywood siren. She didn’t hold public office, but in 1937 she disappeared. Simply gone. There were guesses, speculation, the best minds pondered, but she never turned up. You could say she disappeared into the mists of time and history when she flew her Lockheed Model 10 Electra […]

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It’s Hard Being Stevie Nicks

It’s hard being Stevie Nicks. Last weekend, I decided to transform into the twirling goddess for Halloween. After all, I’ve long said that Stevie is my co-pilot. Her lyrics about love and loss resonate in unexplainable ways, and her beliefs in magic and goodness aren’t bad traits to adopt in this cynical, bitter world. Such […]

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The Jezebelification of Feminism

There I was staring at Nicki Minaj’s ass on Google. I did this for a solid thirty minutes — contemplating respectability, sexuality, power, race. As I was doing this, I was thinking how creepy it felt, as a white woman, to gaze and theorize about a woman of color’s body in order to serve some […]

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