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Female Priests in the Catholic Church

Since Easter is upon us I thought I would talk with a priest about the roots of the springtime religious holiday of Easter. I grew up in a Catholic family and always wanted to discuss the roots of Easter with a priest. I found one who was willing to talk to me. Her name is […]

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#HillaryClintonBookTitles: Hillary Hashtag Shows Conservatives’ Fear

Hillary Clinton can become a trending topic on Twitter without doing much. On Wednesday, #HillaryClintonBookTitles was trending on the social media site after Hillary joked about her possible book title during a speech to the Association of American Publishers. In turn, thousands of people were tweeting funny, feminist and, sadly, insulting comments about the former […]

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Global Girls’ Education: It’s Not a Given

My daughter is lucky.  In a few months, she will graduate from eighth grade and will attend high school at an amazing place that has as one of its missions the fostering of girls’ leadership abilities. I’m not writing this to get into that whole “ban bossy” campaign. I wanted to write this because even […]

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Move Over, Hillary. Here Comes Selina!

If Hillary Clinton is really thinking of making a bid for the White House in 2016, she’d better watch out.  There’s another woman who’s got her eye on that prize.  Not Elizabeth Warren.  Not Kirsten Gillibrand. It’s Selina Meyer.  Yeah, we think she could take Hillary and make it a fair fight! Image via HBO/VEEP

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Don’t Feel Sorry for Maysoon Zayid

Women in entertainment face a lot of obstacles, but many women comics over the years have turned those challenges on their heads to become successful. We don’t know if Maysoon Zayid has read Pretty/Funny yet, but we have a feeling that this irreverent woman, who doesn’t see her cerebral palsy as something to hold her […]

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To Fight Poverty, Does It Have to Have a Cheery Face?

When Congress recently slashed SNAP funding, more commonly known as money for the federal food stamp program, one thing became clear  — we are a country that’s in denial about the true state of poverty in America. Books like Nickel and Dimed have laid out stark details about how virtually impossible it is to get […]

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