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Happy Labor Day, Mary Poppins!

As we celebrate Labor Day weekend, maybe it’s time to revisit the minimum wage discussion? Who better to get that started than Mary Poppins?  We think Mrs. Banks — remember she went all activist on Mr. Banks? — would approve! Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell from Funny Or Die Image via Wikimedia Commons/Andreas Praefcke

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Josh Gordon vs. Ray Rice: Women Should Yell Wake Up, NFL!

The NFL has reminded the country once again how stupidly lopsided their decision-making is regarding players’ bad behavior. As football season kicks off in a matter of days, the NFL upheld its decision Wednesday to suspend Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Josh Gordon for a year after he failed a marijuana test. Yes, an entire year, […]

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At Least 50 Shades of Gray Hair

Since I wear my hair short, I get it cut fairly often to keep it out of my eyes.  I’ve been going to the same salon since the ’90s.  My stylist knows me and I know a fair amount about her.  I look forward to catching up with her because she’s smart and fun.  But […]

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Hidden: My Life in Anti-Semitism

With the current conflict in Israel, and the seemingly non-stop coverage of back and forth bombings and cease fires between Israel and Gaza, suddenly anti-Semitism is all the rage, popping up in places I thought I would never see it again. With everyone, even people not involved in the conflict, picking sides, it seems fashionable […]

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Shonda Rhimes’ Rules for Better Living

The blogosphere abounds with lists and tips for better living. We suspect lots of people are like us — we have a love/hate relationship with those things. Many of those articles are link-bait and ultimately a waste of time; we thought we might learn something or get a laugh, but then we end up being […]

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Suicide: Thoughts on Depression & Robin Williams

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend whose father died via suicide. Our conversation spanned other topics, but I didn’t know that my thoughts would turn to suicide later that night. The last time I saw her –when we were both 17– I didn’t know much about suicide. But since then, I’ve seen it happen […]

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