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The Feminist Toy Box

So, I ordered a set of Disney princess dress up clothes for my daughter. I hesitated over the image on my phone screen for a while, wondering about the implications of a feminist mother purchasing princess gear – Disney princess gear, no less – for her daughter. I began justifying it all in my mind. My […]

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My Thanksgiving Prayers

Dear God – Thanks for everything, but in particular, the following: 1) Thank you for my children.  Despite my concerted and muffed up efforts, they are all turning out to be quite wonderful.  They are nearly all grown up now and they are just a way, whole lot better than me.  This knowledge will not […]

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Why I’m Marching After the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

People have asked me why I’m marching tonight. I’m marching because people have asked me why I’m marching tonight. I’m marching because, after the grand jury decision that failed to indict Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, I cannot accept that there is a finite amount of justice in this country. I’m marching […]

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Ferguson Grand Jury Round Up: Shock, Dismay and Analysis

The federal grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the death of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown has, not surprisingly, caused heated protests in Ferguson, Missouri — the small town where Brown lived and died, and where Wilson was a police officer. In the wake of the announcement that no charges would be […]

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We Need Kim Kardashian and Her Full Frontal Feminism

Say what you will about Kim’s Kardashian’s spread in Paper Magazine — and the criticism has been well deserved linking the images shot by Jean-Paul Goude to Sarah Baartman–but Kardashian has found a way to do the once unthinkable: stick it to The Man. She’s jumped the slut-shaming shark, and, in an unprecedented move, aligned […]

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Mom, Are You a Feminist?

As much of the online world is debating Time Magazine’s recent  survey faux pas about whether the word “feminist” should be banned, and as discussions this year about feminism have been fueled by people like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, friend of The Broad Side Neil Kramer asked his mother, a woman of the first wave, […]

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