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We Need Kim Kardashian and Her Full Frontal Feminism

Say what you will about Kim’s Kardashian’s spread in Paper Magazine — and the criticism has been well deserved linking the images shot by Jean-Paul Goude to Sarah Baartman–but Kardashian has found a way to do the once unthinkable: stick it to The Man. She’s jumped the slut-shaming shark, and, in an unprecedented move, aligned […]

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Mom, Are You a Feminist?

As much of the online world is debating Time Magazine’s recent  survey faux pas about whether the word “feminist” should be banned, and as discussions this year about feminism have been fueled by people like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, friend of The Broad Side Neil Kramer asked his mother, a woman of the first wave, […]

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Maybe Time Magazine Just Wants to Ban Bossy Feminists

  This year we lived through a campaign to “ban bossy.” Now, TIME Magazine is contributing to the word-banning bandwagon by suggesting a variety of words, and things that are sort of words, including the word “feminist.” I get that some people perceive the word “bossy” as pejorative. And there’s no need to explain why […]

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“Godmothers for Self Defense”: There’s Nothing Wrong with Women & Girls Knowing How to Protect Themselves

When the topic of violence against women is discussed, many feminists contend that we should be more focused on getting men to behave differently than with teaching women and girls self-defense techniques. One of the most recent examples of this was when Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014, was blasted by certain feminist writers because when […]

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Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Lena Dunham, creator of the TV show “Girls” and best-selling memoirist, is like a yard sale: someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure and whether you consider her one or the other, the Internet-at-large wants to slap on a coat of teal paint and repurpose her body/words/work into whatever micro-personal agenda is particularly fancy that […]

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The Jezebelification of Feminism

There I was staring at Nicki Minaj’s ass on Google. I did this for a solid thirty minutes — contemplating respectability, sexuality, power, race. As I was doing this, I was thinking how creepy it felt, as a white woman, to gaze and theorize about a woman of color’s body in order to serve some […]

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TBS Must-Reads of the Week: Mo’Ne Davis ‘Throws Like a Girl’, Feminism May Need a New Path & Mindy Kaling vs. Malala

So it’s the beginning of a new work week, and you’re going to need some things to talk with your co-workers about. Didn’t catch up with anything water cooler-worthy over the weekend?  No worries. As always, we bring you our must-reads of the week. You’re welcome!  – Is it time for a word other than […]

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Feminist Dads Are Needed Now More Than Ever!

Short story, dads — you need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to gender roles and your daughters’ futures. So embrace your inner feminist, and get to that laundry! According to a recent study out of the University of British Columbia, parents can tell their children that boys and […]

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Who Revoked Joan Rivers’ Feminist Card?

Joan Rivers was a woman who made her way in the comedy world at a time when few women were able to. The thing that distinguished Rivers was that she did her comedy her way without adhering to what was deemed the acceptable style of the time. She was no sweet Mary Tyler Moore on […]

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