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Class, Feminism and Miss USA Nia Sanchez

Recently Nia Sanchez, a Nevada resident, won the title of Miss USA 2014 and her response to the famous “final question” inspired a feminist critique that revealed the contentious historical issue of class in feminism. Jennifer Lee had a chance to talk with Sanchez for The Broad Side about her response. My advice to feminists […]

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Ode to Princess Leia: The Sassy Soul of “Star Wars”

In the summer of 1977 on the corner of East 10th and Ashley Streets in Pine Bluff, Ark., I was Princess Leia. “Star Wars” premiered that summer, and a whole generation of kids became members of the Rebel Alliance in their minds and backyards. At least the boys did. The girls in my neighborhood preferred […]

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Mindy Kaling in the Comedy “Trenches”

Mindy Kaling is a force of nature — on her TV show, on Twitter, on stage. Kaling isn’t afraid to speak her mind no matter what the venue. When it comes to the state of comedy today, she wants to change what we see of funny women by getting beyond the “girly” and approaching things […]

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#HillaryClintonBookTitles: Hillary Hashtag Shows Conservatives’ Fear

Hillary Clinton can become a trending topic on Twitter without doing much. On Wednesday, #HillaryClintonBookTitles was trending on the social media site after Hillary joked about her possible book title during a speech to the Association of American Publishers. In turn, thousands of people were tweeting funny, feminist and, sadly, insulting comments about the former […]

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To Ban “Bossy” or Not?

Better that 500 bossy girls go free, than that one leader girl be discouraged. Or something like that. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook who urged us to “lean in,” is now teaming up with others asking us not to call girls “bossy” in her “Ban Bossy” campaign. To a certain extent, the sentiment makes […]

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What Would Gloria Do? #WWGD

The first MAKERS CONFERENCE was held in February, including a celebration of the life and work of Gloria Steinem. In honor of her eightieth birthday, it featured a video with touching and funny statements from Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Katie Couric, and others about Steinem’s life’s work that, as Marlo Thomas summarized, “connected […]

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