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Here’s a Word Time Magazine Could Ban

The furor has finally died down over Time Magazine‘s call to ban the word “feminist” from our vocabulary. But if  TIME is going to insist on tossing perfectly good words from our lexicon, I have a better word for their suggested list of trite and irritating words to ban in 2015. Rather than “feminist,” which was […]

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When Soft is Tough: Spoken Word of a Feminist

“It’s funny to me that a part of the male anatomy is soft strangely enough yet growing a pair makes you tough” Racheal Ofori is an actor and writer who was recently inspired to write this piece and create a short film. Her main inspiration came from Emma Watson’s HeForShe Campaign speech, dissolving negative connotations […]

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The Feminist Toy Box

So, I ordered a set of Disney princess dress up clothes for my daughter. I hesitated over the image on my phone screen for a while, wondering about the implications of a feminist mother purchasing princess gear – Disney princess gear, no less – for her daughter. I began justifying it all in my mind. My […]

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We Need Kim Kardashian and Her Full Frontal Feminism

Say what you will about Kim’s Kardashian’s spread in Paper Magazine — and the criticism has been well deserved linking the images shot by Jean-Paul Goude to Sarah Baartman–but Kardashian has found a way to do the once unthinkable: stick it to The Man. She’s jumped the slut-shaming shark, and, in an unprecedented move, aligned […]

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Mom, Are You a Feminist?

As much of the online world is debating Time Magazine’s recent  survey faux pas about whether the word “feminist” should be banned, and as discussions this year about feminism have been fueled by people like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, friend of The Broad Side Neil Kramer asked his mother, a woman of the first wave, […]

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“Godmothers for Self Defense”: There’s Nothing Wrong with Women & Girls Knowing How to Protect Themselves

When the topic of violence against women is discussed, many feminists contend that we should be more focused on getting men to behave differently than with teaching women and girls self-defense techniques. One of the most recent examples of this was when Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014, was blasted by certain feminist writers because when […]

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