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BPA Bandwagon Off to a False Start?

It’s hard to imagine a parent of school-aged children today not remembering the BPA revolution of the early 2000′s; our realization that a chemical we barely understood was in everything from baby bottles to reusable dishes — and likely wreaking havoc on our bodies. So when a new study– one linking Bisphenol A to childhood […]

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National School Lunch Program: “Uncle!”

To really appreciate the USDA’s most recent gaffe we have to go back to the beginning. We have to return to a time when the country’s streets were barely paved and plenty of children were getting left behind, a time when school lunches were unheard of and it was only by the efforts of independent […]

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Presidential Food Politics

As November quickly approaches, there is no sign that the big three issues — the economy, gay rights, and women’s reproductive freedoms — are going to give up their firm hold on the national political stage.  With both candidates keeping their eye on those issues with which they’re strongest — President Obama focusing heavily on […]

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EPA Considers Ethanol Waiver: Too Little, Too Late?

As the EPA’s thirty day comment period on a prospective Renewable Fuel Standards waiver draws to a close, its not just those in the agricultural community who will soon see this administration’s efforts for exactly what they are: too little, too late. The comment period was announced on August 20 after the governors of both […]

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On Getting Back to the Farm & Food Safety

“That meal — with the salad right on top of the complet, and a bottle of the hard cider kept at truly cellar temperature in an actual cellar — was one I ate every day without ever getting bored with it. I had never given a single thought to how different the lettuces and the […]

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Why is a Jenny Craig Exec Speaking at a Girls’ Schools Conference?

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools will hold its biennial staff conference this May in Melbourne, Australia. The organization has 140 member schools in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, all of whom have been invited to come together to explore the conference theme, “Images of a Girl: Diversity, Dilemmas and Future Possibilities.” Slated to […]

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Only You Can Keep Animals Off Drugs

I can’t count the number of op-eds, blog posts and general news articles I’ve read about the FDA’s recent move to ban extra-label uses of cephalosporins — a type of antibiotic –  in meat production in the past two weeks, but Mark Bittman’s piece for the New York Times pretty succinctly sums up what most […]

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