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The Intersection of Guns & Mental Health. Again.

In the wake of the recent Navy Yard shootings and the deaths of 12 victims (so far, not counting the deceased gunman), I’m reminded again of the conversations we seem to always have not only about gun control, but about the very dangerous intersection of the ability of those with mental health issues to obtain […]

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Guns for Self-Defense: Myth Versus Reality

If you are a gun safety proponent you are probably already familiar with Joe Nocera’s Gun Report in the New York Times. It’s a summary of news stories from around the country detailing gun injuries and deaths. It’s…long. Every day, there are multiple reports. Crimes, for certain. Drug-related shootings, drive by shootings, random violence, mass […]

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Pediatricians Could Be the Lobbying Key in Gun Safety

If you’ve been following the gun control debate over the months since the Newtown tragedy, one thing has become radically apparent: the gun rights movement is far better organized than the gun control movement. And the gun rights movement is emerging victorious, at least on the federal level, because of it. But a recent story […]

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Play Dates and Firearms: Do You Ask?

I have an eight-year-old son, and as much as I have tried to steer him to playtime activities that don’t involve an element of violence, it hasn’t worked.  For years, I allowed no violent toys.  No violent video games, no Lego sets that came with guns, no Nerf guns, no water guns, nothing.  Yet, every […]

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And Then They Came For Me

When will it happen again?  Will I be a victim when I am volunteering, as I did this morning, at our local rehabilitation center?  Or will it be my husband at the university?  Will it be our son, interning on Capitol Hill?  Or my nephew in his Big Ten university classroom?  Will it be my […]

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America Has an Anger Problem

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, I mused on my Facebook page about the bully aspect to this story. One person rightly commented that we don’t just have a gun problem in America. We also have bullying and anger problems, ones that we’re neglecting in commentary about violence. So why aren’t […]

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