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Broads of the Week — 12/4/11 Edition

As our heads swirl this week with the thoughts of the strange “I’m just a victim” speech given by Herman Cain as he withdrew from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann setting us straight on gay marriage (gay people can get married as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex) […]

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Dear Gloria Cain, You Might Be Wrong About Herman

I hate to break it to Gloria Cain, but I think she might be in denial about her husband Herman. For Hillary Clinton, accusations against her husband President Bill Clinton about potential sexual extra-curricular activities could only be viewed as part of an ongoing “vast right wing conspiracy.” The late Elizabeth Edwards initially believed that […]

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A Flat Tax? That’s So 1992!

Have you noticed that tax policy is the new new thing for the GOP presidential candidates? Not thoughtful, analytical or well-reasoned tax policy, mind you.  But some of the Republican presidential wannabes are embracing the idea of a federal flat tax scheme thanks to Herman Cain and his now infamous “9-9-9″ plan. Sadly, that plan […]

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