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Allergies are Out. Obesity is In?

“Oh man, my allergies, my allergies!” If I had a bitcoin for every time I have heard that line in the past month, I’d retire. This year’s allergy season has been particularly challenging, if you can believe the unsolicited reports I get from the owners of all the runny noses around me. I need reports […]

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Only the Good Dye Young

As we age, parts of us change color.  We want our teeth to be white, but not our hair. We want our arms and legs sun-kissed and bronzed, but certainly no brown age spots on our faces. It is a problem we women “of a certain age” deal with every day. A few weeks ago I was […]

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The 10 Best Meme’s of the State of the Union Address

Last night President Obama took the stage and delivered his fifth State of the Union address. A couple of our writers, including myself took over twitter with the #SOTUBroads hashtag which actually trended for a period of time. Who would have thought our writers could drum up such a big stir?  Maybe the lovely First […]

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