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Obama to Class of 2013: Do Better, Dream Bigger

Graduation Day at The Ohio State University is a big deal in Columbus. But when the sitting President of the United States is the commencement speaker? Then it’s a national event. I had the honor of hearing President Obama speak to the Class of 2013. I wondered if he would keep the speech light and […]

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We’ve Come a Long Way?

I came across an interesting infographic that was published by Duke University and the statistics on married women in the workplace vs. unmarried women are historically interesting. To the extent that married women were employed it was in the field of domestic service, not surprising by any means since that was one of the most […]

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Conservative Thoughts on The Fiscal Cliff & Foreign Aid

Last summer, in a last ditch attempt at spurring the budgetary super committee to action on the crushing federal deficit, an agreement was reached in Washington D.C. That agreement — known officially as the Budget Control Act, and unofficially as The Sequester – combined with impending tax hikes as a result of congress’ inability to […]

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Bring Back “Made in the USA”

My son is a train fanatic. Whether it is Thomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington, or the latest high-speed train from China my husband brought home for him after his business trip, it’s all trains, all the time in our house. So, whenever we go anywhere, my two-and-a-half year-old toddler packs up his trains in this […]

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Passing on Pearls of Wisdom: Money & Power

As my college-age daughter flies out of the door for an afternoon class, she shouts she’ll see me for dinner.  We are in a new place right now. For the last five years I have been employed by two major media companies–Forbes and Bonnier’s Working Mother Media division–in positions which included 40-60 hours a week […]

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From Boys to Men

It’s easy to judge him with his saggy jeans, eyes that look away from your gaze, and cigarette dangling from his scrawny fingers. We stare and have an 8mm film flicker by of stereotypes that make us think he is bad, dangerous, scary, irresponsible, lazy. We see a man who is able bodied but not […]

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Memo to Men: There ARE Women Leaders

Once again, I wanted to gouge my eyes after reading an article pointing out the lack of women leaders. This one appeared in Forbes and was titled, “Why Most Women Will Never Become CEO.” I chuckled upon reading the article, because really, the writer — a man! — tried to compliment us in this story. […]

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