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Confrontation with Father Time

The Fort Collins Museum has a Mask fundraiser annually and this year I attended the Masquerade Ball with my friend Anna. There were many beautiful masks but this one gave me pause. The opportunity to confront Father Time about his tricks and schemes doesn’t present itself everyday, so I faced him head on.     Listen Father […]

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Sovereign Nation of One

As I embarked on a personalized week-long retreat with SpiritQuest, a spiritual retreat company, in Sedona, I take a deep breath and realize a very important thing. I am sovereign. Standing at a crossroads in my life I find myself in a uniquely liberating position. Sovereignty. I divorced last year, making me single after a […]

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Why is a Jenny Craig Exec Speaking at a Girls’ Schools Conference?

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools will hold its biennial staff conference this May in Melbourne, Australia. The organization has 140 member schools in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, all of whom have been invited to come together to explore the conference theme, “Images of a Girl: Diversity, Dilemmas and Future Possibilities.” Slated to […]

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Political Sexism: More Than Enough to Go Around

There’s plenty of sexism and downright misogyny among talking heads and commentators to go around. Neither the left not the right has a lock on who’s worse. As many people, including myself, have called out Rush Limbaugh for his recent remarks calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her stand on […]

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Self-Image Lessons from a 13-Year-Old Girl

May had just entered her teenage years. She was a chatterbox who loved horses, George Strait, and Rice Krispie treats. May and her mom were appalled that I didn’t know any George Strait songs. They couldn’t believe I’d never slid my feet into cowboy boots or  ridden a horse bareback. I was amazed they had […]

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