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Is Jill Abramson Right? Is it Harder to Retain Women Journalists of Color Than to Recruit Them?

  When it comes to newsroom diversity, the problem isn’t just recruiting women journalists of color, it’s hanging onto them, said Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times. “Promoting women of color has always been important to me. But promotion also has a retention challenge,” Abramson said recently at the Journalism & […]

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Is the White House Going “Orwellian” with the American Press?

It was a private meeting. Only certain writers were invited to meet with President Obama a few hours before he gave a live speech to the nation on September 10 about the global threat from ISIS. According to the Huffington Post there were 15 “columnists and magazine writers” in attendance at this exclusive, invite-only gathering. A private […]

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Another White Guy for “Meet the Press”?

Oh, mainstream media. You have done it once again.  It seems that you just can’t help yourself when it comes to promoting white guy after white guy, especially for your signature shows. Rumors have been swirling that David Gregory is on his way out as host of “Meet the Press.” In many ways that’s a […]

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It’s Time to Cover Turkey’s Media Crisis Before It’s Too Late

With only one month before Turkey’s Presidential Election, international media coverage of Turkey is needed now more than ever before as Turkish media companies and journalists continue to face extreme pressure from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to censor coverage of political and international events. “We are accused of being traitors and agents,” said Bugün […]

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The Prime of Ms. Violet Crawley

The curtain is about to rise on Downton Abbey’s fourth season, and there’s a hint that the dowager Countess of Grantham, played by the indefatigable Dame Maggie Smith, might be next on the DA Hit List (that’s “hit” in mob terms and not golden oldie recording standings). Viewers have already vowed to swear off the […]

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Dealing With the Real Issues of Trayvon Martin & Chris Lane

All last week conservative pundits demanded that President Obama speak out about the gruesome murder of Chris Lane, an Australian baseball player gunned down in Oklahoma allegedly by three teens. (The President did make a statement this week expressing his condolences to Lane’s family). They are angry that this most recent example of old-fashioned American […]

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