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The Prime of Ms. Violet Crawley

The curtain is about to rise on Downton Abbey’s fourth season, and there’s a hint that the dowager Countess of Grantham, played by the indefatigable Dame Maggie Smith, might be next on the DA Hit List (that’s “hit” in mob terms and not golden oldie recording standings). Viewers have already vowed to swear off the […]

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Dealing With the Real Issues of Trayvon Martin & Chris Lane

All last week conservative pundits demanded that President Obama speak out about the gruesome murder of Chris Lane, an Australian baseball player gunned down in Oklahoma allegedly by three teens. (The President did make a statement this week expressing his condolences to Lane’s family). They are angry that this most recent example of old-fashioned American […]

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Now Trending In “The Newsroom”: Public Shaming

In a recent episode of “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show on creating, presenting, manipulating and perceiving what we call news, two major characters are publicly embarrassed by events they’d considered either private or inconsequential. In one instance, the brilliant but socially misguided finance reporter Sloan Sabbith is shocked – Shocked! — when the man […]

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Regrets of the “Opt Out” Generation?

Ten years ago, Lisa Belkin, then writing at the New York Times, introduced us to what’s become known as the “opt out” generation — a group of accomplished, educated women who said they wanted to embrace their motherhood experiences without having to deal with the now-infamous conundrum of “work/life balance.” They tossed their suits and […]

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Must the “Devious Maids” All be Latina?

Devious Maids, a show that debuts on the Lifetime Network later this month from executive producer Eva Longoria, centers around five Latinas in Beverly Hills who are bonded together by their jobs, their ambitions, their dreams and life struggles. But Longoria and others involved in the show’s production have come under fire for perpetuating certain […]

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Wolf Blitzer’s Faith-Based Journalism in Oklahoma

Americans are accustomed to reporters framing tragedy in divine terms. Survivors were the beneficiaries of “miracles.” Everyone should pray for the victims and their families. And so on. For CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, such religious pandering recently backfired embarrassingly. He was on the ground in Oklahoma after a powerful tornado devastated the town of Moore. It […]

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