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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Looks Matter

Gather ’round, everyone! Big news! Hillary Clinton is running for President! Really! She is! Did she announce her candidacy at a press conference? Well, no. Host her first campaign fundraiser? Nope. Smile coyly when asked about a potential run on a morning talk show? Not that, either. But she DID cut her hair! And that’s […]

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Licensing – and Condiments

A friend of mine wrote a Facebook plea, that every military spouse I know can empathize with: “Dear Air Force – can you tell me if we are moving or not, we need soy sauce – I need to know whether to buy the Costco size or not.” I know, it’s a small thing, but […]

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The “Sometimes Single Mom” Situation

The term ‘sometimes single mom’ is inaccurate. Single moms don’t say, “I’m a sometimes single mom.” True, some have the support of their exes, financially or otherwise, but many just do not. They are actually a single parent in the true sense of the word. They are responsible for a child or children they are […]

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Michelle Obama Wins The Coolest First Lady Award

I am not really one to watch late night television. Once my eleven o’clock news is over, I am pretty much toast most nights. But I had to record Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night because my favorite band, The Avett Brothers would be performing. What I also forgot was the fact that […]

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Are You Brand Obama or Brand Romney?

Is Barack Obama an iPhone man or a Blackberry kind of guy? Does Mitt Romney like to “tweet” or is he more about “friending?” Image says everything. That’s a mantra not only worshipped in marketing and advertising, but these days, in politics as well. So what images do our presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt […]

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Michelle Obama Gets the Unwelcome Mat in Miami

Stay in school! Graduate! Register to vote! These are the subversive messages the Obamas have been trying to get into our children’s schools! Remember a couple of years ago when some super conservative Americans decried the fact that President Obama was going to make a “stay in school” speech to be streamed into classrooms? Many […]

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