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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is Not Sexist

Phil Bryant is the Republican Governor of Mississippi. If those three things weren’t enough to put a nail in his coffin with progressives, then wading into the news that women are the new face of breadwinning for the modern family definitely sealed his grave. But he may actually have a point about what happens to […]

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Abortion and Guns: Pick Your Amendment, the 14th or the 2nd

I came to Jackson as a part of the project on sexual education, religion and public policy. But, the truth is a much wider net had to be cast. I couldn’t talk about sex-ed without talking about contraception. I couldn’t talk about contraception without talking about abortion. Abortion is inextricably linked to the larger cycle […]

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On Fetal Personhood

There is a new front in the assault on women’s right of self-determination. That sounds over-dramatic to say. I wish it was. But in fact there is a movement at work in this country to put women’s rights to make medical choices for themselves, specifically during pregnancy, in severe jeopardy. It’s disguised as yet another […]

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