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We Need Kim Kardashian and Her Full Frontal Feminism

Say what you will about Kim’s Kardashian’s spread in Paper Magazine — and the criticism has been well deserved linking the images shot by Jean-Paul Goude to Sarah Baartman–but Kardashian has found a way to do the once unthinkable: stick it to The Man. She’s jumped the slut-shaming shark, and, in an unprecedented move, aligned […]

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TBS Must-Reads of the Week: NRA Hates Gun Safety Moms, Is Marissa Mayer on the Way Out, and Even Strong Women are Domestic Abuse Victims

Too much to keep up with on the internetz these days?  Don’t worry — The Broad Side‘s got you covered. We cull through the news each week, and bring you a few stories you might have missed, but definitely want to know about. So here are this week’s “must-reads”: The woman who founded Moms Demand […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Baby Booming

George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, son of Duchess Catherine and Prince William, has arrived. News of the young prince’s birth was broadcast by every branch of the news media, including the old branch: a town crier. This boy George’s birthday has overshadowed other news in the labor and delivery wings of the world. Until now. […]

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Guess What? There Is No Fiscal Cliff

Mayday! Mayday! Watch out! There is a “fiscal cliff!”  We’re headed straight for it! It will be the ruin of all America! Just as soon as the 2012 presidential election was over, media outlets had a huge vacuum to fill and nothing to fill it with, at least that’s what I have to assume since […]

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Romney, We Hardly Knew Ye

  It’s not a surprise that Mitt Romney will not win his “home” state of Massachusetts. He was the last of a long string of Republican governors here who took the job with an eye on the next big thing. Like those before him, he started out as a relative moderate and gradually sharpened his […]

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