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Boz Zellinger for Wake County District Attorney

We at The Broad Side love having contributors talk about the candidates and elections in their home town that are important to them.  Big thanks to our friend Marty Long for sharing this and for sharing her passion for an important race in her county! It’s not election season in my mind. There have been […]

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#HillaryClintonBookTitles: Hillary Hashtag Shows Conservatives’ Fear

Hillary Clinton can become a trending topic on Twitter without doing much. On Wednesday, #HillaryClintonBookTitles was trending on the social media site after Hillary joked about her possible book title during a speech to the Association of American Publishers. In turn, thousands of people were tweeting funny, feminist and, sadly, insulting comments about the former […]

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States Power the Movement for New Family-Friendly Standards

Why are so many people opposed to local communities deciding what’s best for the health and welfare of their residents? Because these naysayers, fueled by lobbyists and financing from mega corporations, know such reforms lead to change statewide and nationally. Local wins provide living proof that minimum standards like paid sick days and paid family […]

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Clinton, de Blasio, Speak Out for Paid Sick Days

2014 promises another string of wins for policies like paid sick days that boost the economic security of women, families and the economy overall. Recently two political leaders reminded us of the urgency of our task. On New Year’s Day, Bill de Blasio spoke to a large audience at his inauguration as the 109th mayor […]

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Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard: You Can Have a “Crap” Rest of Your Life or Move On

MELBOURNE, Australia — Recently I saw Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, in conversation with Anne Summers at the Melbourne Town Hall. She and Anne spoke for 50 minutes and the audience asked a variety of questions for the remainder. It was her second extended interview since losing the Prime Ministership. People queued early. […]

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These Tea Party Brats Need a Backpack Leash

Tea Party Republicans, giddy over a government shutdown, look like a bunch of foolish children at the maniacal hour before bedtime when all the crazies of the day come out and, before sleepy eyes flicker, begin to run into walls and wail loudly and without reason all the while demanding ludicrous things that make no […]

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