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When Do Anti-Semites Become a Threat?

So, last week, my friend wrote a tribute to Joan Rivers on her blog, and someone called her a “Kike.” Then a beautiful thing happened. What beautiful could possibly come of this? Did my friend delete his* hateful remark? No. She left it up for anyone to see. Did friends of hers and strangers alike pile on […]

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Hidden: My Life in Anti-Semitism

With the current conflict in Israel, and the seemingly non-stop coverage of back and forth bombings and cease fires between Israel and Gaza, suddenly anti-Semitism is all the rage, popping up in places I thought I would never see it again. With everyone, even people not involved in the conflict, picking sides, it seems fashionable […]

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Mass Shootings: Can We Escape The New Normal?

On Sunday, President Obama spoke to comfort the families of the victims involved in the tragic Navy Yard shootings. He quoted from the Greek poet Aeschylus, as had Senator Robert Kennedy speaking after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968: “Even in our sleep, pain, which we cannot forget, falls drop by drop […]

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Creationism Doesn’t Work with Journalism

Journalist Virginia Heffernan displayed incredible courage coming out as a creationist. Well, incredible courage and incredible foolishness. Heffernan has had a successful career in her chosen field. She has written for The New York Times and the website Slate in the past. Currently Yahoo! News features her work, where she mostly writes about technology. Last […]

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Superman Isn’t Jesus

“Man of Steel” is tops at the box office, and a few of the $125 million it brought in during its opening weekend came from churchgoers. Warner Bros. is marketing its Superman flick as Christian allegory. (A few spoilers follow. You’ve been warned.) The Christianity is sort of in there, at least insofar as “Man […]

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Wolf Blitzer’s Faith-Based Journalism in Oklahoma

Americans are accustomed to reporters framing tragedy in divine terms. Survivors were the beneficiaries of “miracles.” Everyone should pray for the victims and their families. And so on. For CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, such religious pandering recently backfired embarrassingly. He was on the ground in Oklahoma after a powerful tornado devastated the town of Moore. It […]

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