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Birth Control Made Me

Birth control made me. Kinda oxymoronic, eh? But it did. I could have gotten pregnant oh so many years ago, with my high school boyfriend. I would have been showing in my graduation robe, with that silly gold Honor Student cord meaning nothing, as I settled down in my nothing town, with bills, diapers, and […]

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Daily B.S. — Clinics Close and “Pro-Life” Is Anything But

Welcome to our new feature, “Today’s B.S.” Contributor Robin Marty reads through the reproductive rights headlines and highlights the important ones of the day so The Broad Side readers don’t have to … 1. Anti-choice activists are ecstatic about a proposed 20 week abortion ban specifically for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Less enthused […]

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Ireland, Abortion and a Vacation in Scotland

About every two years our family takes a major vacation. We started this tradition in 1993 by going to Nantucket, which required reservations for the ferry made way in advance of the vacation and a fair amount of research by my husband on the best place to stay. Success! We loved it. We’ve expanded since […]

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Here’s What You Can Do with Your Cookies, Governor McCrory

North Carolina has been ground zero in the war on women’s reproductive rights in recent weeks and months.  Even though protests have been ongoing, Governor Pat McCrory this week signed a sweeping anti-abortion bill into law that, according to one report in the Washington Post, will “make abortion clinics adopt some of the regulations that […]

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My Feminist Plea: Stop Protecting Me

Most days, I pride myself in being an early feminist. I subscribed to Ms. Magazine, I joined the National Organization for Women, I voted, and I sneered dutifully when a man tried to open a car door for me, because I had witnessed first hand how easy it was for a man to get more […]

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