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Attack the First Daughters and Lose Your Job: Lessons in How Not to be a Communications Professional

GOP communications staffer Elizabeth Lauten has resigned following this weekend’s media firestorm after going all snarky on Malia and Sasha Obama for their choice of outfits at the annual White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon. The Thanksgiving side dishes hit the fan when her snark-filled missive became public. Lauten quickly apologized for her bad judgment, but […]

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Five Ways the 2014 Elections Are Bad for Hillary Clinton

The mid-term 2014 post-mortems are in full swing. The analyses range from those who believe the Democrats are dead/long live the Republicans to those who see a GOP-run Congress and possible Republican effort to impeach President Obama as the gateway to a Hillary Clinton White House. Thinking that the outcome of Election Night 2014 is […]

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Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Goes Solid Red: What Does That Mean For Hillary 2016?

Bill Clinton’s Arkansas bled red election night. The last Southern state to fall completely under Republican control, Arkansas – for the first time in its modern history – has an entire GOP congressional delegation, two Senate seats, both statehouse chambers and all state offices including governor and lieutenant governor. This sweep happened in spite of […]

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Meet the Prayerful Rock Star of the Government Shutdown

A rock star has emerged clad in colorful bow ties and speaking truth to power through prayer. This is what “rocking” looks like in the uncoolest of uncool places: the Senate floor amid a government shutdown. Barry C. Black, the Senate chaplain, has become the voice of reason for a government body so inept that […]

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These Tea Party Brats Need a Backpack Leash

Tea Party Republicans, giddy over a government shutdown, look like a bunch of foolish children at the maniacal hour before bedtime when all the crazies of the day come out and, before sleepy eyes flicker, begin to run into walls and wail loudly and without reason all the while demanding ludicrous things that make no […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Adults Say The Darnedest Things

It is with complete confidence that I assume regular readers of “The Broad Side” are fully up-to-date on the details of the Miss USA Pageant. For those newbies out there, here’s a summary: Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, made it to the final rounds of competition and landed herself in the question-and-answer portion. The inimitable NeNe Leakes, […]

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Two Very Different Takes on Working Family Flexiblity

Republican Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and others in his party have recently been promoting an idea that conservatives have long shied away from — government-mandated workplace flexibility. Republicans have made it clear for decades that the idea of flex-time and other ideas to promote flexibility should be left up to employers and […]

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