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The Least Harm: Why I Support Safe Legal Abortion

Recently, I’ve been asked outright why I support legal abortion. I was startled. I’ve been a vocal supporter of abortion rights for so long that I’ve stopped thinking about the reasons why, much less articulating them. I tend to get sucked into debates where I argue the points at hand rather than getting to the […]

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6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: Procreation Is Primary

This was another week in which one news event dominated the airwaves — the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on two same-sex marriage cases. The first case to go before the Court related to California’s Proposition 8, a law that nullified the state supreme court’s decision that the California constitution protects the right to same-sex marriage. […]

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Recreational Abortions: No Such Term

When I think of the term abortion, I always think of a woman at a life altering crossroads of her life. A tough decision that women unfortunately have to make sometimes. I can honestly say, I don’t wish the thought process on anyone, because it is extremely difficult. In Iowa, lawmakers are hard at work […]

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Products of Conception

In spring 1987, I was the public relations director for a private women’s hospital in the southeast. One day that year started with a press conference about triplets conceived through a new In Vitro Fertilization program at the hospital. The day ended with me as a patient in the same facility, suffering a miscarriage from […]

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Jail That Woman! She Has To Give Birth!

The “bad” moms of Queensland, Australia are on notice — a new law is being considered that will put the “rights of the unborn child should be considered ahead of the mother,” according to the Queensland police union. The AAP reports: “Those children also deserve the right to a full life and health and should […]

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Abortion and Guns: Pick Your Amendment, the 14th or the 2nd

I came to Jackson as a part of the project on sexual education, religion and public policy. But, the truth is a much wider net had to be cast. I couldn’t talk about sex-ed without talking about contraception. I couldn’t talk about contraception without talking about abortion. Abortion is inextricably linked to the larger cycle […]

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