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Mass Shootings: Can We Escape The New Normal?

On Sunday, President Obama spoke to comfort the families of the victims involved in the tragic Navy Yard shootings. He quoted from the Greek poet Aeschylus, as had Senator Robert Kennedy speaking after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968: “Even in our sleep, pain, which we cannot forget, falls drop by drop […]

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Will Illinois Towns Ban Assault Weapons?

Illinois has become the last state in America to allow its residents to legally carry concealed weapons.  While Governor Pat Quinn vetoed it, the state legislature was able to override his veto, but the bill contains a provision that allows Illinois municipalities to pass their own gun laws within a ten-day period, including potential bans […]

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See the Good in a Sea of Bad

Saturday morning I woke up, made a cup of coffee and sat down on the computer waiting for my children to wake up. I started scrolling thru pictures on my Instagram account and came across the one to the left. In fact the more I scrolled thru, the more pictures I saw of the same […]

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America Has an Anger Problem

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, I mused on my Facebook page about the bully aspect to this story. One person rightly commented that we don’t just have a gun problem in America. We also have bullying and anger problems, ones that we’re neglecting in commentary about violence. So why aren’t […]

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Abortion and Guns: Pick Your Amendment, the 14th or the 2nd

I came to Jackson as a part of the project on sexual education, religion and public policy. But, the truth is a much wider net had to be cast. I couldn’t talk about sex-ed without talking about contraception. I couldn’t talk about contraception without talking about abortion. Abortion is inextricably linked to the larger cycle […]

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